Our laundry room is not the largest one.  With that, it can really start looking pretty cluttered quickly. I wish we had a larger laundry room, but we don’t so I was determined to make the space more efficient.  When you have a small to midsize laundry room you have to capitalize on each corner to make the space functional.


I teamed up with all® laundry detergent to really revamp our laundry room.  all® laundry detergent is such a staple in our home.  Living in a house full of boys it is important to have a detergent to get out all the stains that my boys bring in daily. One of my favorites is all® free clear laundry detergent from Walmart.  I opt to go to with the all® free clear because Calvin has sensitive skin and it’s the #1 sensitive detergent & 1st sensitive skin detergent. 

Here are a few ways that I make my small laundry room function smoothly!

Capitalize on each ounce of space – When you don’t have a lot of space it is important to utilize every ounce of it – every surface should have a purpose. For example, we have to include our dog’s cage in the laundry room.  With that, I use the top of Casper’s cage as a shelf for our laundry baskets. Don’t let any space go unused.

Add Storage – It can get easy to let your laundry room have items everywhere. I added baskets to declutter my cabinet and placed my all® laundry detergents in them along with my other laundry necessities.

De-clutter – When you don’t have a lot of space the worst thing you can do is have extra items that don’t belong in the laundry room.  At one point we had Calvin’s floaty hanging up, and my husband’s tools found their home on the dryer.  This goes for any small space you may have in your home.  It is important to purge and de-clutter.


2019 is the year for making my home efficient and eliminating all extra junk.


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Hug’s, Taryn