How To Have Halloween Treat Awareness

Candy and treats are an inevitable part of Halloween. The boys like sweets but luckily not a crazy amount which saves on expensive trips to the dentist. While candy typically steals the show on Halloween, some kids find it fun and exciting to receive a toy or gadget while trick-or-treating instead. Toys are a fun alternative for children who have allergies to certain food items – that way they won’t feel discouraged by not having something they can grab from the candy bucket. Since Halloween is just a couple weeks away, I wanted to share a few tips for not only having treat awareness, but making the holiday a little easier as well.


  • A teal pumpkin signifies a child may have allergies or a learning difference which could affect their speech ability.
  • Teach kids not to eat any candy until you are home so you can check to make sure everything is safe to eat. Here are a few things to check for: unwrapped or spoiled items, tine holes or tears in wrappers.
  • To be safe, homemade treats or baked goods should be discarded unless you personally know the person who gave them. 
  • If you have little ones, remove choking hazards such as gum, small hard candies and small toys.
  • Customized bags make Halloween special and prevents kids from arguing over whose trick-or-treat bag is whose. This is the one we got for Cashton, here’s the link for Calvin’s, and this is the one we got for Cyrus.


  • As I mentioned, small toys or gadgets can be a fun alternative to passing out candy. These light up rings come in a pack of 50 for just $16.
  • This goodie bag set is a good filler and comes with pencils, stickers, notepads and more.
  • These mini bubble wands are always a crowd favorite and make the night a little more fun.
  • These goodie bag stuffers are super fun – comes with maze toys, witch fingers, various squishy toys and more hot Halloween toys.
  • You could also go with this play-doh set – kids love it and keeps them entertained for hours.

I’d love to know how you plan on spending the holiday this year. Hope you all a fun and safe Halloween!

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