Every day essentials have been on repeat as I have been on maternity leave. We have been a bit of homebodies since we had a winter baby and didn’t want to go out much in the cool weather. However, when I do get out I try to not look sleep deprived and with spit up on my shirts.  Although I love wearing my athleisure it’s not always what I gravitate to in some settings.  I’ve been helping out at Cameron’s school and we’ve done a couple date days, so I want to try a bit more. 

Blouse + Jeans + Flats + Tote = Perfect every day essentials

Blouse – Now not all blouses are for every day wear and casual.  If you want a blouse you can wear every day try a tunic blouse.  This is typically looser and much more comfortable.  I get almost all of my casual blouses from The Loft.

Jeans – I have been living in high waisted stretch jeans.  Yes, I would rather wear leggings, but sometimes I jeans are a must.  I love high-waisted because it helps cover the mid-section that is still a work in process.  I wear stretch because they are much more comfortable. Almost all of my jeans are from American Eagle.  They fit me great and are super affordable!

Flats – To be honest I haven’t felt like wearing a ton of heels lately.  It’s only on occasion that I will wear them, the baby still doesn’t have me back to feeling like myself. With that, I have been relying on some nice flats.  My personal favorites are my Tory Burch Minnie flats.  By far the most comfortable TB flats I have owned to date.  In the past some would hurt my ankles, but they have improved the design and have much more cushion. 

Tote – Grab a tote that you can throw your whole life in.  This tote isn’t my largest but one of my favorites.  One of the many things I love about this tote is yes it is a good size, but also has some structure.  So it can easily be dressed up and down. Sometimes totes that lack structure or too large for me personally I don’t like to wear it with dressier looks. 

This is just one of my favorite go to casual looks when I actually want to look like I applied some effort. Open cardigans are another good item that is great for every day.

Then as soon as I am back home I change into my sweats. Haha!

Happy styling!