It’s no secret that I shop on a budget.  In every outfit I mix the price points from a splurge item to a budget friendly item.  With me loving to shop I typically find different ways to keep the get fashionably items for less, and try to get multiple uses for each item that comes in my wardrobe. 

I decided to try out thredUP to allow me to stay in budget and get a versatile piece that can be worn multiple way.  thredUP is a online consignment and thrift shop with many new styles with tags to gently worn items.  thredUP has a ton of brands to choose from.
If I am being honest I hadn’t always shopped on platforms like this due to preconceived ideas I had about consignment shopping. 
Here are a few things I assumed:
– The items will not be clean:  So not true thredUP vets everything that comes to them.  And even if you are not wanting something that has been worn, you can always filter for New with tags.
– Working with the original owner would be a pain:  On thredUP you deal only with thredUP, it’s like any other online clothing website.
– You are stuck with items that don’t fit: I ordered multiple items and easily was able to return the items that did not work out for me.
A tip to shopping on thredUP is using your filters. I filter by my size and the New with tags, so I am only shopping for items that match my specifications.  

I found quite many items that met my needs but I decided to go with a yellow strapless J.Crew dress, because everyone knows my favorite color is yellow.  I wear yellow all the time so I knew I could get many wears from this versatile look. I save over $100 dollars by shopping on thredUP. I love J.Crew but typically their dresses are a bit pricier than what I would normally spend on a dress, so it was awesome finding it at an affordable price. 
I know I talk about repurposing items in your closet, but I wanted to actually show you how I did it.  
Look at 5 different ways I styled my thredUP dress:
1. Black and White:  I love pairing yellow with black/white.  I think it provides a great contrast to the bright color. 

 2. Denim:  I love this dress and don’t only want to wear it on dressy occasions.  I added denim and converse to dress it down, and make it a perfect look for a casual dinner out.

 3. White Jacket:  It’s summer so you I love wearing summer colors.  I added a white denim jacket that is perfect for those summer nights when it gets cooler out. 

 4. Adding a flair with print: Having a solid color dress makes it easy to incorporate other prints to give a new twist on a simple dress. I can wear this for a night out with girlfriends!

 5. Wearing as is:  Its a beautiful dress, so I wanted the dress to be the star. Great option for a wedding guest!

thredUP gives you so many options to fit your budget, style, and shape! While you may not get my specific dress, there are so many other cute items to choose from.