Top: Lush Pants: Old Navy | ShoesTory Burch | Earrings: Nordstrom Bracelet Bauble Bar  Watch: Michael Kors | Necklace: Bauble Bar Tote: Dagne Dover

Part 1 of my Work Series is dedicated to how perfectly rock the business casual attire.  Almost all of my jobs have been business casual atmosphere. Many companies are going this route, or some even more casual than this.  I recently accepted a new position, and I am so excited because my new job will be completely CASUAL! I love wearing jeans and cute top.  But until then I want to share a few must haves that allowed me to have the perfect business casual attire

Slacks, Chinos, and crop pants:  I work an 8 hour day, so for me it is all about comfort.  Chinos, Pencil leg slacks, or khakis are the most comfortable option, yet still allow me to look professional. I always try to keep my work clothes very affordable.  I grab most of my work pants from Old Navy, Loft, and NY and Company. These stores have the best chinos/slacks for the price.  In the warmer months grab crop pants.  Crops are still appropriate for the work place and allow you a relief with the hotter temperatures.  I have chinos in every color. I also think it is fun to add prints in your wardrobe.  Naturally, I picked a leopard, but I also have polka dots as well. 
The all in one work tote: I have been searching for a work tote that i can also use to run errands with the boys. I didn’t want to spend $500 for a large work tote yet I wanted quality, so it was great when I found this Dagne Dover tote. I needed a tote that I could fit my laptop in, cords, wallet, key hook, and basically my entire life.  For a while I would just carry my laptop home in my hand.  Which grew cumbersome quickly.  I got this perfect tote that is durable for work, mom life, and fits my entire universe in one bag.  
Flats: I love that my work place doesn’t require me to have to wear heels everyday. Often I will be visiting my company’s different work sites, so being in heels isn’t always the most practical.  However, if you can wear flats at your workplace you want to make sure they still look dressy and presentable.  I have mentioned before that I like to invest in a good pair of flats, and part of the reason is because I wear them all the time.  I want a flat that is comfortable that still looks classy.  I grabbed the ones pictured from Tory Burch during that last private sale for a huge discount! I also will wear a black pump, that is another huge workplace staple. Just make sure you are being practical, and not wearing anything too high! Your feet will be killing you by the end of the work day.
Cardigan: I have every color possible cardigan color, plus tons of prints.  These are so versatile and allow you to easily switch your looks.  Not to mention its great for layering in cold AC offices.  Definitely start with a black, tan, and blue.  I interchange these with pants and will pair with a patterned dress. Target has great cardigans for an affordable price, also J.Crew will have some great colors. 
Printed blouses: 90% of what I wear is a patterned Portofino blouse and chino pants.  I buy almost every pattern of this top.  I love these blouses! Some blouses feel tight and not comfortable.  I love these because of their comfortable fabric, and how they come in so many different colors. These are normally $59.90, but I always use a coupon (Express frequently has coupons) or wait for a holiday when the tops are 40% off.  
This by no means is the only clothing items that define business casual, but these are some of my personal favorite go-to items. In general, you want to make sure you always check with your employer on what is their specific dress code.  My rule that I follow, is if I have to question if a clothing item is acceptable I will just not wear it.  Always air on the side of caution if you are wondering is this skirt to short, or do these pants look like leggings. Just don’t do it.  Especially in my line of work being in HR…I always think the HR department definitely can’t be the one’s breaking the dress code rules. 
While your work ethic definitely will be the leading factor of how your employer will measure your value.  I still think how you present yourself is also just as important (even if it isn’t said).  My main goal is to be comfortable yet professional. 
Stay tuned to Part 2 of the series!
Happy Styling!


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