Top: Loft | Jeans: Express Shoes: Steve Madden (sold out) similar here Earrings: Nordstrom Bracelet: J.Crew, Crz Design | Necklace: Kendra Scott  Ring: Bauble Bar | Watch: Michael Kors | Purse: Tory Burch (sold out) similar here and here

It is the first day of Fall, and I couldn’t be anymore excited! The only problem is that Texas weather cannot decide if it wants to stay Summer or turn to Fall.  For me I am finding that I wearing tops that are the best of both worlds. I’m definitely dress for the season, but I still keep the temperature in mind.

Wearing a white top keeps the outfit weather appropriate for the temperatures we are facing.  Along with this top being light and airy.  Yet, the sleeves make this a great transitional top as we start to face cooler morning and evenings.

The biggest highlight of this outfit is definitely the peplum top! I grab peplums for every season. During the summer I have sleeveless and short sleeves.  The moment I started to see long sleeve I grabbed some in every color.  If you down own a peplum you are missing out! It is your best friend in the days that you feel like you should have done a few more ab crunches.  There is also something so girly and feminine about this mini type skirt on this top. Peplums can be dressed up and down,  and are perfect for in between occasions where it is not quite dressy but not casual.

One tip with wearing peplums is you want the top to be size appropriate.  If you get it too big the peplum can add size to your frame.  If you wearing a peplum top you probably should have went a size up something that peplum flair can get stuck on the love handle.  (No, seriously it is has happened to me lol).  Which brings even more attention to your midsection.  So sizes yourself appropriately!

Happy Styling!

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