Trying to think of everything for a baby is not the easiest. You are always thinking of the large items, but often we will forget about the little items that are also essential. Raising four boys with each baby I still learned what I had to get for each baby through experience. As we go through the change in seasons, I wanted to share some wellness essentials to add to your registry. Or to your next shopping list.

Stay Clean Humidifier 

Deluxe Grooming and Healthcare

Ear Otoscope (great to give you a peace of mind when looking for ear infection)

Newborn bathtub

Simple Scan Forehead Thermometer (makes it SO much easier and faster to get an accurate temperature reading)

Baby’s first hair brush set  

Oh Sh*t Kit (great baby shower gift, it has everything you need if you are caught in a blow out on the go) 

Light Zoom Nail clipper 

Diaper Pail

BoogEase Nasal Aspirator

What is important to remember is you can only do your best. Only you know what is best for your baby. Having kids it can get easy to get unsolicited advice, but you have to listen to your gut and do what you think is best. 

All of the products I am sharing are from Safety 1st. My favorite has been the Stay Clean Humidifier which I use for all my boys as we have been dealing with congestion during these cooler months. It stays cleaner longer, requires less cleaning, and has antimicrobial LED light technology that kills viruses and bacteria while preventing mold and mildew growth.