The thought of wearing swimsuits can bring on many emotions for some women, heck even for men. You can feel insecure, inadequate, even not as attractive. It’s crazy that 1 piece of clothing can force you to measure your physical worth!  

I’ve battled with some of those thoughts when having to wear bathing suits.  Finally I got to a point where this is an article of clothing, and it will not dictate how good I think about myself.

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I realized that swimsuits should be something you can effortlessly wear regardless of the season of your physical appearance. I started assessing the parts I liked about my body, and the attributes I wanted to conceal.  Once I figured that out, I could filter my search on website to get the exact suit I was looking for. 

Let me also say that I wanted suits that covered, but when I first searched all I was seeing was tankini’s with a skirt.  Like why is it there is either a bikini or a grandmother’s swimsuit.  I don’t want too revealing but I am not trying to have an old fashioned suit. It did take some searching to find the right balance.

I’ve round up some of my favorite one piece suits for the transitional body type! Each suit can be selected for me details.  I love all because each one had its strengths in different ways.  Whether the frills help conceal the arms, or the Miracle suit smooths out those love handles.  All very flattering and helps to give that confidence an added boost.

When you are pool side or vacationing at a resort the absolute last thing you should ever be focusing on is how you look in a suit.  Enjoy the moment, and find a suit that best fits your body type.