Happy New Year! I don’t know about y’all but 2022 went by so fast! It was filled with so much excitement and new things along with some hard times but we made it and we are officially in the year of 2023!!

This year is going to be the best year! We are all going to start off strong and finish strong! In order to accomplish this we have to have some habits that we take on that will help us throughout this whole year! I talk about 10 different habits that would all be great to start in the new year!

1. Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep has always been hard for me. My mind is racing all the time and thinking about what else needs to be done. Our bodies need 8 hours of sleep every night and I definitely do not get close to that. From the kids to work I barely get any sleep. I have talked to Rick and we have talked about making sleep a priority so that we can be one hundred percent for every part of our day. This is a major goal for us for 2023. If we are getting enough sleep then that means our kids are getting enough sleep and we want what is best for them. Whether you have to challenge yourself to get up and go to bed at the exact same time every day or make a schedule at the begging of the week to track you’re sleeping.

2. Try Not to Look at Your Phone First Thing In the Morning or Right Before Bed

This is something that I struggle with! My job revolves around my phone and I will find myself almost every morning and night looking at my phone whether that be working, shopping, or on social media. There are lots of studies out there that prove that the blue light from our phones doesn’t allow us to get the best sleep we can which leads us to be more tired the next day than if we would have gone to bed 30 min after looking at our phones. One of my goals this year is to be more present with myself and my family.

3. Journal

The main thing with journaling is it gives you time to reflect on yourself and what you have for the day and help you get mentally right with yourself. It can be journaling or meditation. Whatever allows you the time with yourself to self-reflect and be able to have that undisturbed time to start your day on a positive and fresh start.

4. Exercise

Exercising and eating healthy are my two biggest goals this year. I am running a half marathon with Rick and my friend Loverly and her husband. This has been such a huge motivator for me to get back in shape. Not only so I don’t die during the half marathon but also so that I am healthy overall so that I can live longer and be able to live a better life. When it comes to exercise everyone has different preferences. There are classes that you can attend, personal trainers, workout apps, at-home workouts, and the list could go on. The most important thing I think that comes with working out is the discipline to stay at it. The motivation will be there for a little bit but that will eventually go away. It is important to find a community that can motivate you and holds you accountable. This is such an awesome way to keep you on track toward your goal.

5. Focus on Healthy Eating

Healthy eating looks different for every single person. For me, eating healthy has been a struggle. I am so busy all the time and eating healthy takes more time than picking up some food or getting it delivered to your house. As getting back in shape is one of my major goals this year, I have made it a point to eat better. Everyone’s bodies are different but one thing that we know is good for everyone is eating healthy. Whether it be following a meal plan or being intentional with meal prepping there are so many ways to get on track with healthy eating. For me, I am taking on Keto because I know that is what works for my body.

6. Hydrate

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! This is something that I have always struggled with! I am not the best at making sure I stay on top of staying hydrated! I have tried all of the things! I have tried putting lemon in my water, flavored water, flavor packets, and hydrate enhancers and I haven’t stuck to them to stay hydrated like my body needs. Our bodies are made out of mostly water. With that being said it is vital to be able to keep our bodies hydrated. I use Hint water to try and stay hydrated. It is all about finding out what works for you and sticking to that.

7. Make Your Bed

Ever since I was little I was always told to make my bed. Little me was not very fond of that but once I go older I learned that making my bed actually helped me in many aspects of life. Making your bed is the first task of the day you have completed. Completing the first task of the day will make you proud and feel like you have accomplished something already in the day. This will in turn motivate you to do another task and then another. Making your bed is such a small thing and it makes you realize and appreciate the small things. If you can’t get the small things right then how will you get the big things right?

8. Spend Time Outside

There are so many benefits to being outside! Taking in what the lord has made is one of the best things for you spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Being outside helps you get your dose of Vitamin D along with lessening anxiety. If you have a chance, try to spend at least 10 min a day outside to embrace all of the amazing benefits.

9. Set Realistic Goals

For me, I am a go-getter and would probably make every goal there is to make out there! I have had to understand and accept that I can’t do everything and at the end of the day if I set unrealistic expectations for myself then I will be disappointed at the end of the day. This year, when making my goals, I have had to hold myself accountable when it came to creating my goals for myself this year. Sit down and evaluate what happened this past year in 2022 and think about what you would like to do better and even further than that, condense that list to a realistic set of goals that will set you up for success.

10. Practice Gratitude

Out of all of the things listed above, this one is something that encourages you and lifts you in a way that these other goals don’t. Showcasing and using what gifts you have been given is one of the most rewarding things. Being kind will never go out of style. Make it a priority to go volunteer and help out the people around you! You never know whose day you might make and encourage and inspire to go out and help others. Let’s show all of the love we can this year and not take anything for granted.

Which habits are you going to add to your routine this year?