Top: Bebe Jeans: Express | Shoes: Asos (sold out) almost exact here | Earrings: Kate Spade Bracelet Bauble Bar | Necklace: Bauble Bar (sold out) similar here Ring: Bauble Bar Watch: Michael Kors | Clutch: Aldo (sold out) similar here 

A night on the town always has me scratching my head on what to wear. Since I don’t get a chance to go out much these days. Moving to Dallas I feel my going out life has plummeted haha, I think maybe because my core girlfriends are still in Michigan.  (insert sad face, and if there was a homesick emoji insert that too). I feel finding an outfit for going out is always the toughest.

Dresses in my opinion always feel like extra work, but jeans I never feel are dressy enough.  So it is a struggle to find a

happy medium. 

3 Principles
1. Picking pieces that can get multiple wears:  In the past I used to get an outfit that I probably would probably only wear once.  I try to avoid that at all costs unless it is a special night out or like my birthday.  Now when purchasing an outfit for a night out I always ask myself,  will I be able to wear this again? For me black pants, are always a staple in my going out wardrobe.  I can switch the top and the shoes, and my black pants look like a completely different outfit. 

If you are struggling picking an outfit, consider getting quality black pants. That way you can get many wears and they don’t fade quickly. Express and Bebe have great styles that always fit me perfectly. Buying items that you can wear again, will save you the time from feeling like you have to run out and pick up a new outfit every time your girlfriend says let’s go out. I say this all the time, but prioritize your events.  If it is not a big night, do not spend a lot of money on your outfit. My 30th birthday is coming up, so I may pay a little more for my dress and make it more of a statement piece. 

2. Comfort by all means necessary: In my early twenties I have fallen victim too many times of needing to take my heels off or having to suck in my stomach the entire night. ha! It would cause me not to feel fully comfortable in what I was wearing along with some achy feet.  And now I just do not leave the house in something that I don’t feel 100% comfortable in.  I style my outfits based on whatever size I am at that current moment, and find something flattering where I don’t have to be worrying about suck and tuck. Because I am a woman and my weight fluctuates, and if my weight is up you probably will not see me in a bodycon dress.  Style yourself realistically on what will play up your best features. 

 Another thing is if I am going out, I make it a point to wear my most comfortable heels.  I have mentioned before that I typically invest a little bit more in my heels, and I feel they are more comfortable.  There are some style heels I never wear because I know they won’t feel good on my feet.  Case and point, peep toe heels always hurt my toes, and that is why I don’t own one pair. Just personal preference. Test your heels out and break them in before you need to wear them, your feet will thank you later! 

3. Make sure it is hubby approved: While Rick does not dress me, and RARELY will be like ummm…no. But I still always first ask Rick his thoughts on whatever I plan to wear. In most cases the outfits I pick are always something I feel is appropriate, but still give him the respect to double check he is ok with that.  A lot of the time he will actually help me accessorize my outfit (even though I am sure he will deny that he does lol).   I love glamming it up, and Rick knows that so he definitely let’s me live a bit. 

Other pieces that are also great going out staples are rompers, jumpsuits, and blazers.  All are easy to switch up different accessories and add a blazer to make the look completely different.  If you are choosing a dress, I recommend picking one without a print.  Lately, I have been liking just solid color dresses, it allows me to wear them again but styled differently. 

I have a slight love for animal print (inherited from my mom lol), so for me any form of animal print will get multiple wears.  Going out is fun, and the last thing you want to do is worry about your outfit.  Consider the principles I go by to help you style your next outfit.

Happy Styling!


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