We are in full project mode in this house. We are trying to get everything ready for Cece to be here. One of the projects I got done this week was getting our hospital bags ready to go for the hospital. After packing a hospital bag four times I have been able to nail down what I like to bring to the hospital with me. Everyone will have different things they like to pack in their hospital bag and these are the things that I have found work for me the best during my visit to the hospital.

The Bag

The bag that I am using for my hospital bag is the Beis Weekender Bag. It is unfortunately out of stock but I found one that is just as great and will be able to fit everything you might need for the hospital.

Travel Duffel Bag Weekender Overnight Bag

What I Filled My Bag With

When it comes to hospital bags it truly is up to you what to put in it. For me I personally don’t bring anything like diapers or wipes. If you have a certain type of diaper or wipe you would like to use that could be something you can pack in your hospital bag.

Kindred Bra

Coming Home Outfit

Barefoot Dreams Robe

Muslin Swaddle

Black Pajamas

Wood Name Cut Out

Waffle Knit Footie

UGG Slippers

Target Nightgown

Target Knit Dress



Gimmie Hair Ties

Baby Shusher

Phone Chargers


Portable Fan