Things have been crazy lately getting everything ready for Baby CeCe to arrive. I will admit that I am definitely in nesting mode. Checking my postpartum cart off of my list is definitely a big relief. One step closet to her being here! This cart is a total lifesaver after birth, especially if your nursery isn’t super close to your bedroom. I made one with Cashton, and I cannot believe it took me four children to finally do it! You can put whatever you want in your cart. I fill mine with items for the baby and me that I find myself reaching for the most!

The Cart and Organization Items

$39 Rolling Cart from The Container Store (the one I used)

Identical Rolling Cart from Amazon

Wire Baskets from Container Store – size SMALL to fit the cart

Plastic Apothecary Jars – I put small things in these that I want to keep separate

Reusable Wipe Dispenser – Easier to Grab wipes and keeps them moist longer

What I Filled My Cart With

I dedicated the top shelf of my cart to everything for Nursing and my postpartum care, and the rest of the cart is for all things baby that I find myself reaching for a lot! I’ve added links to my favorites for some of the items on the checklist.

Specific Products I’m Using

Breast Pump (I’m using the Spectra S2 that so many of you guys recommended!)

Haakaa – I haven’t tried this one but it has great reviews

Nipple Pads – I decided to go with reusable Nursing Pads this time

Nipple Cream and Spray – I use the Frida Mom Nipple Care Kit

Burp Cloths – I ordered simple white Muslin ones from amazon

Pacifiers – I love the Ryan and Rose Pacifiers & they have them on Amazon

Diaper Cream – I get the 3 pack, since I always end up using it!

Other Items I put in my Cart

Hand Sanitizer





Receiving Blanket