I’ve always been a sneaker person. I love wearing sneakers for the comfort but also very fashionable. I wish I could tell you all that I am run around in heels majority of the time, but that would be an absolute lie.  75% of the time you will see me in either flats or sneakers.  It is so much easier trying to get around with the kids, and half the time I am on a soccer or football field.  So sneakers only make sense.
I used to only wear sneakers that matched mostly with black.  But there are so many cute and affordable options for sneakers that do’t have any black on them! I feel there are a few assumptions that people think when it comes to sneakers. 1. You have to be going to the gym.  2. You can’t find any cute ones under $100.  3.  Nike is the only option.  All of those assumptions are wrong.
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I’m sharing my favorite 10 sneakers for under $100 and how I would wear them!
1. adidas Swift Run Casual $69.99: I absolutely love these sneakers.  I have them in Black/Gold.  They are perfect for running errands or when you want to look casual.  They do run big so I recommend sizing down.  I wear these with blue or white jeans and short. You could even pull off a casual dress with this. 

2. Converse Chuck Taylor $49:  These are a staple of every person’s closet.  Not only are they affordable but they can match with almost everything.  Majority of the time I wear these with shorts and a t-shirt.  However, style them with a casual dress, you can even be a bit jazzier and style them with a semi-formal dress. These are sneakers you need a couple pairs of.

3. adidas Superstar $80:  What’s so crazy about these sneakers is I remember when my friends and I all had them in different colors in middle school. haha! And now here they are again and relevant! These for me are another versatile shoe you can wear a millions ways.  If you don’t own a lot of sneakers and want a multi-purpose sneaker, this would be the one to buy.  They come in many colors so it is just a matter of you finding the style that will be most relevant for your closet. Just size down because they run large.  

4.Steve Madden Slip on Sneaker $59: These are my throw on shoes.  I have the gray so I can wear them with everything.  Easy and comfortable.

5. Brooks Revel Running Shoe $80:  Running shoes can get pricey so it is great to find a pair that is affordable.  You may not really know the Brooks running shoes.  And if you are runner or want to training for a race, you definitely should start to know this brand.  When I trained for my full marathon and ran it I did it with Nike’s.  My toes paid the price.  When I went to a running store they basically laughed at me for training in Nikes.  They then directed me to Brooks. I have been hooked every since. 

6. Nike Free TR8 Training Sneaker $100: Is running not necessarily your workout preference? It isn’t for most.  If you prefer to work out in the gym, doing a fitness class, or any type of circuit training.  Consider getting  training sneaker.  I wear these whenever I am doing F45 or any of my Insanity trainings.  They are great for stabilizing and agility.  

7.  Steve Madden’s Wedge sneakers $89:  I didn’t know how I felt about this style at first, until 
I tried them on.  Yes, they are different but I feel it elevates your casual outfit just a bit.  It dresses up your casual look.  These also look great with leggings!

8. Nike Run Free Flyknit $99: While I no longer run long distances in Nike’s they are still great if you just started out running or don’t run long distances.  These feel like you are running on nothing which is nice.  When  your body is tired you need to feel light!

9. Nike Tanjun Casual $64: White sneakers are such a must in the warmer months.  I wear them to brighten up my casual outfits.  I never pay a ton for them because they are so seasonal.

10. New Balance Sneakers $59: I love these mint sneakers.  I know typically we always go for the standard sneaker colors.  However, consider switching it up and getting a sneaker in a different hue. When I get sneaker that is a little out of the box I make sure I keep it really affordable, since it is such a trendy color.


There are so many affordable options for every type of sneaker. It’s just a matter of finding the perfect style for you!