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Beginning a new season always makes me reflect on the past one, and then look ahead to the upcoming season.  I like to make some mental goals that I would like to accomplish this summer. 
If you aren’t regularly setting new goals whether it be daily, weekly, or seasonally. Then you need to start! It helps you with not remaining stagnate, continuously challenges you, and pushes you to become the best version of yourself. 
Not all of my goals are super serious, but I do set them to hold myself accountable. 
Here are a few I would like to accomplish this season
1. Take 2 family getaways during summer break – We are planning a larger trip for the fall, but I want to make sure that I am always giving our boys new experiences.  And giving them the opportunity to make those special childhood memories.
2. Train for another half marathon – This will be my second half marathon. I haven’t trained for any races in over a year, so it is starting from scratch, but I am up for the challenge!
3. Relaunch my blog Site – When I originally started my blog I used the platform Blogger, which it has been great for me.  Now that my blog is growing and I have so much content with my readers.  I feel like it is time for me upgrade my site.  I will be working with a website designer to launch my brand new website late summer.  I want my site to be almost like your daily read.  You can go here for style tip, motherhood pep talks, home decor inspiration and tutorials, and so much more. Looking forward to taking that on
4. Complete two rooms in our home – It is easy to furnish a home, but it takes a lot of work to get every item in a room and have it be 100% complete.  I feel like I have many rooms that are like 50%-75% done.  I will be working on doing the 1 – Room challenge twice this summer.  I am determined to do it! 
5. Start my Christmas shopping – I say this every year I am going to start Christmas shopping and this time I mean it! I always end up being the person doing that last minute shopping and this year I want to take that stress off.  I would like to be 75% done shopping by the end of summer for my entire family.  My motivation for doing this because in the Fall life gets busy.  You have school starting up, and then we have Cam’s bday, my bday, now Cyrus’s bday, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas.  That is a lot of major events back to back.  So I want to make life a bit easier this year!
These were just some of my top goals for this summer season.  Who’s going to hold me accountable because I need it!
What are some of your goals this summer?!