Dress: Nordstrom Shoes: Aldo (sold out), almost exact here |Earrings: Beehive Boutique | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff | Bracelet: J.Crew | Necklace: Kendra Scott Ring: BP | Watch: Michael Kors Monogram Bracelet: CRZ 
The white dress….eek!!! Yes I have 2 messy boys, and still not afraid of wearing white! Ha! For multiple reasons I choose to keep a white dress on hand.  First, a white dress is guaranteed to give you multiple outfits.  It is pretty much like a blank canvas and you can switch up your shoes and accessories for multiple wears. Second, there is something so simple and chic to an all white dress.
However, wearing all white is not an easy task.  I don’t know how many times I have worn white and minutes later stained it from makeup residue that were on my hands or spilled something while eating.  I am pretty clumsy, so wearing all white is tough.  
To pull off wearing an all white dress or even white jeans, I think about where I am going first. Sidenote: Please assess your white clothing before wearing them.  If it is looking dingy/yellow tint.  The best rule of thumb is just not wear it! I despise seeing the White-yellow look.  For me personally, I could never wear all white going on a play date or even errands with my kids.  I have lost count the amount of times Calvin has ran up on me with mac and cheese hands.  You also won’t see me heading to get Mexican or BBQ either. Typically, I will wear all white for date night or church. Oh and let’s not forget about an occassional All-White party!  When it is not a long event, and has minimal risk for getting dirty.
I keep my a Tide to-go stick in my bag just in case there is anything I can get out quickly.  After I put on my makeup I wash my hands about 2 times after. I never like being dressed and putting on my makeup, so I will always put a bag over my head once makeup is completed. This is reduces the risk of getting any makeup on my clothing when getting on my outfit.Sounds crazy but it works! haha!
Wearing white when you are a busy mom can be quite the task.  But this dress was just too cute to past up on. I love pairing white with gold, just adds a taste of glam!

Just make sure to think about your event before deciding to wear that LWD.

Happy styling!