Dress: NY and Company ShoesSteve Madden | Necklace: Target (sold out), similar here Earrings: Kendra Scott | Cuff: Kendra Scott | Bracelet: Bauble Bar | Tote: Dagne Dover | Ring: Bauble Bar

Monday is here, and another day for the my work series. 
If you are looking to add a dress to your work wardrobe and you prefer a form fitting style, Sheath dresses are a great option.  They fit to your shape without being inappropriate for the work place.  For me personally, whenever I choose to wear a dress, I like to keep the colors neutral so it doesn’t make it too much of a statement.  Sheath dresses are also great to be paired with a blazer or even a cardigan, to allow you to switch up the looks.

What I like about sheath dresses the most is the fabric is always thicker so it conceals more, and makes it less of a body con dress.  Just be sure to size appropriately so it doesn’t turn into a freakum dress LOL!

The biggest trick with wearing form fitted dresses is to make sure your undergarments are sized appropriately.  The last thing you want is to look like Lumpy Lucy!  I teamed up with Soma Intimates to try out some of their awesome underwear. Soma has an intimates collection call Vanishing Back it is the perfect solution to eliminating the lump! It seriously does wonders not showing the normal bra and panty lines! Perfect for any form fitted dress! I will be sharing even more details on these intimates on an upcoming blog. 

On another personal note….being a working mom is very rewarding.  But at the same time does come with its fair share of challenges.  Juggling work, being a mom, and managing the tasks at home can be quite the tasks.  I sometimes feel like I can’t do it all and well. I had to start strategizing in order more productive in the week and stay on task. 

Here are a few minor things that have helped me tons during the work week!

Grocery Pick-up is my saving grace:  If you have not tried this yet, you need to start! You can order your groceries online for a particular time slot, and simply pick them up via car side service.  I have a two day weekend, and the last thing I want to do is spend 2 hours of it grocery shopping. I typically order my groceries on Friday and pick them up at 8am on Saturday.  I get almost everything from grocery pick-up.  I like to hand pick some of my produce, so I go to my local Sprouts market to get those items.  Other than that tons of time is saved! Try it out if you are looking to save some time! 

Make the house chores and meals a team effort:  I often get caught in superwoman mode where I feel like I have to do everything.  The problem with that is it wears me down quickly.  I have now a all hands on deck policy.  Rick helps me with cooking (typically he will grill multiple meals), and I have given Cameron a lot more chores. I have also taught Cam some easy tasks to do that help me with Calvin.  Start giving duties to the other members in the house.  I started doing that when I realized I don’t win a medal for saying I do it all! The only thing I get from that is loss of sleep. TEAMWORK!

Meal Plan: When I don’t plan out my meals the week will get away from me and we will end up just eating out consistently. That never turns out good.  We end up spending way too much money, and we end up not eating the best.  I now plan all my meals out 2 weeks in advance, so I grocery shop accordingly.  I try to even cook two meals at one time, just to save me from having to do it after work.

These three things are not huge tasks I changed, but effective ones that have saved me time during the week.  Allows me a extra time with my family, or to run Cameron around from sport to sport. Hopefully some of these will help you! 

Happy styling!

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  1. LOVE all your tips, Taryn!!! I haven't tried grocery pick up, but I totally am. Anything that saves me from dragging 2 kids out of the car!! Also I love this dress! So chic for work!

  2. I LOVE this blog. I love getting inspo from your style options. And you look fantastic in all of them!

    I can personally attest to your time-saving tips. Especially cooking more than you need for one meal and freezing the extra. Eating healthy is so tricky bc sales can be hard to come by and planning is so crucial! We all have so many challenges in planning our times in a way that works best for our goals.

    Looking forward to much more from you!

  3. I need to start doing the grocery pick up STAT!!! We have started to divy out chores big time this year. Rooms, laundry, vacuuming, I need help with it all. They all get 10.00 per week if they cooperate! LOL… LOVE this dress. It literally fits you perfectly! I am enjoying this series~~

  4. Taryn this dress fits you beautifully. So many times we have the right dress but not the correct undergarments, this dress loos impeccable ! Nicely done.