Poncho: Nordstrom  | Top: BP  Jeans: Express  ShoesJust Fab | Earrings: Charming Charlie Watch: Michael Kors  | Necklace: Charming Charlie Purse: Charming Charlie 

Am I the only one that sometimes stays typically runs from the idea of wearing a poncho?!  I mean honestly…some of my thoughts are will the poncho make me look 15 pounds heavier (which I definitely don’t need), will this require too much effort to keep it laying correctly, and where I am really wearing this at?  Those 3 things have kept me from owning a poncho. 

This year I decided to give it a chance, because I stumbled on this poncho, and fell in love with these colors.  If you are on the fence like me with wearing a poncho there are a few things to consider to help you with styling your poncho.

1. Know the right places to wear it:  I likely won’t be wearing this poncho doing my daily mom life activities, or running after Calvin. I feel that ponchos are constantly falling off my shoulders, and you have to adjust to make sure it is centered.  Ponchos are perfect for a girls night out (where you can have your girls do any adjustments), or date night.

2. No added weight:  If you don’t like how ponchos sometimes make you look like an umpa lumpa (well maybe that is just me) a suggestion is to consider styling it with a waist belt.  This will add some shape to the poncho, and not drown out your body.  Another tip, is make sure to have your layered top be fitted, to also promote there is a nice shape underneath the poncho.

3. Nothing is perfect. It will slide off, be uneven, and you may possibly trip over it (yes that happened to me).  Either way stop worrying about it and just rock it confidently! When I do wear a poncho I typically try to hold it in the middle, this also helps with making sure it stays centered!

Ponchos are great for layering, especially in this transition to Winter.  Sometimes I have been wearing ponchos as an alternative to jackets.  

Side note: If you haven’t been wearing burgundy this Fall you are missing out, it is perfect hue this season. I even snagged some burgundy booties that I am obsessed with.  Definitely make sure to add some burgundy to your closet for Fall!

Happy Styling!