Tote: Dagne Dover | SweaterNY and Company | Sweatpants: NY and Company ShoesNike | Fit Bit Charge HR  Earrings: Charming Charlie | 

This is it! Black Friday is almost here, well based on the stores trying to get all the business it is pretty much Black Thursday! I hope you are ready, and ready to score some huge discounts!
I have participated in Black Friday almost every year in some capacity, and really why shouldn’t you? This year I am limiting my in store shopping, just to avoid the crowds. But definitely not skipping on the shopping. There are tons of great deals out, but you just have to know what really is a bargain and what to pass on. I wanted to share some tips to help make your Black Friday successful.
Dress appropriately: Before we dive in on the deals, let’s talk perfect shopping gear.  I made the mistake one year wear uncomfortable shoes and fitted jeans. If you are trying to zip in and out of stores and make that mad dash to the door busters, you need to wear comfortable sneakers.  I always wear sweats, because I want absolute comfort.  It’s getting a chilly in Texas, I am opting to wear a thicker hooded sweater, so I don’t have to wear a coat.  I despise lugging around my coat in stores while I am shopping. Another must is bring an all purpose bag that you can throw all your essentials, and won’t have to run to the car.
Now onto Black Friday business….
First, make a plan and list out what you are wanting to buy from Black Friday. Many of the huge discount items move fast, so if you don’t come prepared you will miss out.  I prioritize what items are must haves, I also go on mission to get those items first.  I also make a optional list for items that can go either way.  I have been using various Black Friday website that display the stores ads, this allows me to make my list.  I typically list out what I want from each store, and go to the stores where I can get the most items.  On the top of my list this year is definitely Target, I am trying to knock out most of the boys lists, get some electronics.
Don’t get tricked by weak store sales: There are some stores that I won’t waste my precious Black Friday shopping time on when they are offering sales that are similar to the rest of the year.  So make sure you fact check. 
Make a spending limit:  It is easy to fall into the sale trap, and go way over budget.  But remember it is not really a sale, if you had no business getting it either.  Don’t go broke just to participate in Black Friday.  That is another reason why I highly recommend making a list prior.  Not only does this organize you, but also allows you to create your budget.  Even if I see a great deal, if it is not on my list I am not wasting my time.
Online vs. Store:  A lot of people love the experience of shopping on Black Friday, I used to as well. Now, I try to limit going out in the crowd as much as possible. Fighting over parking spaces and long lines just gets the best of me sometimes.  Another reason I am converted to majority online is most of the stores offer the same sales online.  So why would I not stay home in my pjs and shop?! I may make a quick stop at Target.  Another quick tip, unless you are getting that TV that is marked down by 90%, you really don’t have to be waiting in line all night.  I got all the stuff on my list walking into Target last year 30 minutes after they opened, and never camped out. 
Now let me share what stores I am definitely shopping at this year….
Express: The entire store is 50% and FREE SHIPPING.  Express rarely offers free shipping so take advantage of that.  I plan on getting a ton of Portofino tops, jeans, jewelry, and dress slacks.
Old Navy: 50% off the entire store! I like getting everyday tops for me here, clothes for the boys, coats, and some sweaters for Rick.
TARGET: Where do I even begin, Target is the main store I will be shopping at.  We plan on getting a Xbox One S it’s marked down to $249.99, and you get a $40 Target gift card (which we spend towards other BF items). Nintendo DS for Cameron on sale for $99.99, and games are only $25.  There are quite a bit of toys t I am snagging for the kids as well. You can’t figure those $4 and $6 movies! Another perk is clothing being 30% off! Sidenote: My Fitbit will be on sale for $89.99!!
JCPenney: I need some new luggage, and they have a great deal on a set!
Nordstrom: They have already started their Black Friday sale, but tons of items are 40% off!
NY and Company: They are having a ton of door busters, and will have sweaters for like $14.99.  I want to stock up on my winter wardrobe.
A few other stores on my radar, because I am not sure yet what their exact sales will be is Bauble Bar ( I am in need of new jewelry), Sephora, and Nike
There are probably more stores I will stumble upon, but those are my core.  I used to go to Toysrus, but it was just too crazy, and I didn’t want to go to a store that was just solely dedicated to only toys.  With Black Friday you need to be as efficient as possible.
Where ever you go, make a plan and stay within your budget!
Happy shopping!