Top: Macys | Jeans: T and J Designs ShoesSteve Madden Earrings: Kendra Scott Necklace: Kendra Scott Ring: Bauble Bar | Watch: Michael Kors | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff

30 and thriving! I walk into year 30 with excitement for everything God has blessed me with.   Whether it be the lessons from the hardships I’ve learned or the successes.  I embrace entering a new decade, and truly feel that I have I am coming into my prime. I am feel more sure about the decisions I make, the most confident I have ever been physically, and trust my instinct. 

In the spirit of turning 30 I wanted to share thirty pieces of wisdom I have learned along the way (in no particular order).

1. Yellow, is by far the best color ever! It instantly makes me feel more cheerful, and brightens every outfit.

2. Invest in your shoes. Your feet will thank you later (along with your outfit)!

3. It is ok to be transparent and admit when things are not fine and you need help. So often I would feel like I needed to be super woman and mega mom. And that’s just not always possible.  I had to start speaking up, so I wouldn’t wear myself down.  Speaking up is key!

4. Find hobbies or something you love to do, and make sure to put time aside. Realizing that I had to get hobbies and activities separate from my husband, kids, and work has been so rejuvenating.

5. Working out is non-negotiable.  Even if that means missing my favorite reality show.

6. Keep those friends close to you that have been loyal through every season. They are my backbone and put the energy in to appreciate them.

7. Sometimes shut up and quick nagging.  I’m not perfect, and I shouldn’t expect him to be either.

8.  As much as I may want to fit in that smaller size If you just aren’t there DO NOT try to squeeze in it.  You will look way more flattering in your true size that trying to fit in something that truly doesn’t fit.

9. Invest in quality weave!

10. Date night is one of the best things we could do for our marriage. Despite life’s craziness invest in your marriage and invest in alone time away from the kids.

11.  Spanx or any shapewear are game changers. Even if you are slim, it instantly is a great finishing touch to any form fitting outfit.

12.  I will never be ashamed that I still love T-Pain, I am still waiting on his greatest hits.  Leading with “Buy you a drank” LOL!

13. Even in times when you don’t understand it trust God’s timing. 

14.  Being a mom is one of the greatest gifts I have received.  With that, I’ve had to learn that my children still do not define me. Continue to have some time to pamper yourself, and even if it is taking 5 minutes to have a nice hot both. 

15.  Never be so wrapped in designer clothing that it breaks your bank.  If any of your clothing prevents you from being able to pay something. You should NOT be purchasing it.

16.  Marriage is tough work. The moment I realized that our marriage is bigger than myself or my husband, and focused on God’s purpose for our union the better it became.  Marriage is so much sweeter having God at the center.

17. The moment I my wardrobe started living was the moment I started wearing leopard. ha!

18. Nex-Gen nails is the best nail trend to date.  Goodbye Gel and Acrylic! If you haven’t tried it definitely do!

19. When you feel that your weight is up always fall back on an all black! You can never go wrong with that.

20. Losing weight by placing unrealistic goals or by doing extreme methods never succeeds long term. So take your time, and don’t place that type of pressure on you.

21. My confidence level is due in part of me becoming sure of who I was and what I am not.  No amount of clothing can add the type of confidence inner self-assurance adds.

22. The moment you want to go on a shopping spree first put money aside (if you haven’t already) and save.  Having a savings account and emergency fund feels better than any new pair of shoes.

23. Girls night is a must have! I love my boys, but having girl talk is good for your soul!

24. Nagging repeatedly will not solve anything besides make an uncomfortable home environment.  Realizing that has made my communication more effective.

25. If you are busy woman, there are 2 things you need to be doing.  Using online grocery ordering and cooking multiple meals at once. Game changer!

26. Never over accessorize. Have bracelets on each wrist, belt, necklace, flashy earrings, and rings. Before you leave take 2 pieces of jewelry off.

27. It’s ok if you haven’t figured everything out in life, sometimes that is the most encouraging realization and allows the most growth.

28. Challenge yourself every year to accomplish one new thing you haven’t before. This has helped me push my growth to the next level.

29. Daily take time to unplug from all electronics. The entire household unplugs. It’s best way to reconnect as a family.

30.  Be careful with who you share your life with.  If they are not living in line with your values, you probably shouldn’t be getting advice from them.

*Bonus, travel often.  I didn’t use to travel much, but once we did we realized how much we were missing out on.  Whatever capacity you can put money aside to get away.

Of course I have learned many more things, but these are 30 that came to my mind.

Thanks for reading!