Being a girl boss, momprenuer, side-hustler, and corporate leader is not the easiest but I feel like I have made major steps, and just so happy that I am walking in my purpose. 

While this past year has been nothing short of amazing making major ground on accomplishing my goals.  I would be lying if I don’t fast challenges and dealing with tough times along the way. Some of those out of my control. I also will keep it real and share that sometimes when I face those challenges the discouraged feeling can start to set in.  Let me give you some context…About a week ago Instagram shutdown. Initially, it honestly didn’t bother me, but the after effects seem to hit harder than the actual shut down. Since the shutdown many influencers/bloggers (including myself) have been faced with not showing up in many of our communities pages. As you can imagine this is never great for an online business where a major part is based on social media.  


I initially had those thoughts where I felt I have really been putting out content that truly defines who I am and what I want my brand to stand for.  It can be frustrating. I chatted with fellow bloggers and it is clear, I am not alone on this. It’s always so good to be in community and get feedback and support from people in your industry. Trust me this will help you through tough times with work.  I had to remind myself that when I started my blog I didn’t care how long my platform was I just wanted to be able to connect and help even one person in my community. I am not saying numbers and stats in your job don’t matter. I am just sending a reminder that obstacles out of your control will ALWAYS happen, and you cannot allow it to defeat you.  Or make you question who you are as a leader, entrepreneur, or corporate queen!

In my quiet time I reflected on this further and had the thought, am I seriously trying to diminish all the progress I have made.  Better yet, am I really questioning God’s plan? I had to get myself all the way in check.


I am going to give you that same encouragement today! If you are walking in your purpose, do you think anything can stand in your way? HECK NO! It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, we all go through obstacles and roadblocks.  It’s important to not let that rattle you, keep pushing because no tough season or moment lasts forever.

Going through various challenges for me is a learning opportunity.  If there are areas that I feel need to be improved, I am not making excuses.  Example…In my blog business I am regularly looking at my insights to see what content did better than others.  Based on my research I make plans to improve.

Every job will have road blocks, but remember to steadfast, stay encouraged.  And if you are walking in your purpose don’t let this waver you and cause you to doubt yourself.

Stay encouraged and remember you got this!


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