Hi Friends! I share a lot of my life on social channels, and have grown my community since returning to the blog scene. With so many new friends I thought it would be great to re-introduce myself, share a little bit about me, and what you will see from me!

I’ve said this before, but if you are new here I share all things home decor, motherhood, style (practical fashion), organization, and just our life.  With each area I try to be as transparent as possible.  I never want to paint a picture that anything is perfect.  Case and point, if you see a family picture that appears that we have it all together.  Trust and believe it took us about 100 tries try to get each child looking.

When I share aspects of my life it is not because I think I have it all together, I just think there is value in community.  I know that if I share 1 solution to something I’ve dealt with, and it helps someone else then mission accomplished.  I know God did not just give me this platform to show you only how I look in dresses.  My purpose is to be authentic and help other women that needs a friend and to see how someone with similar experiences is thriving. I’ve struggle, made mistakes, and worked hard to rebound and thrive.

If you are reading this blog not because you saw my post from Instagram, I would like to invite you to head over to Instagram and start following me.  We are creating a community where it is ok to share where you got your outfit from, and be open when it was a tough day in your marriage. I share many aspects of our life on Instagram stories and definitely think you should watch our wild and crazy life.

So here is a little bit about me, some of these are questions I frequently get asked.  Some are things think you should know across different topics.

  • I’m from Michigan –  We moved down to Dallas, Texas end of 2014. One of my sisters, mother, aunt, and cousin lived there and we just loved visiting. I can’t stress enough how amazing that was for our life. We were in a rut financially and honestly mentally.  We weren’t really thriving like I knew we had the potential to do. So we stepped out on major faith, transferred our jobs to Dallas, and drove down there with our smoking SUV.  We have since leveled up in every aspect of our life. With that, I am not saying moving is for everyone or the only way to thrive. But for us it was. If you have the desire to move, but afraid, don’t let fear block what God has planned for you.
  • I have 3 boys – If you’ve been following me this is pretty obvious. Cameron, Calvin, and Cyrus.  Yes, we wanted that girl and it did take me a minute to come to grips with never having a girl.  I know it is by purpose that I am a boy mom.  I often get asked why all C’s. To be honest it isn’t some major reason.  I just always wanted my children names to start with the same initial. It just happened to end up that Rick named our first Cameron, and so all the rest I wanted C. And actually they each have the initials CAN. Are we going for a 4th? Rick would like to in his head. And we are just going to let that thought remain there…in his head. haha!
  • What profession I am in – I am in Human resources for a popular smoothie company! I’ve always enjoyed doing the back end of HR the analytical aspect.  So I handle the company’s Compensation, Payroll, and Benefits. I DID NOT go to school for HR.  I have a Biology and Chemistry major (yikes!). I felt led to go down a different career path and that’s just what I did! Don’t ever feel stuck.  If you aspire to do something different, DO IT!
  • Married  life – Rick and I have been on a journey, it is not the typical fairy tale story.  I am always honest and say that. We met in college and had Cameron in while still in college.  We separated for a period of time to figure out what was best for each of us and CAMERON.  We then reconnected got married in 2013, and then kept having more babies! Ha! Your story doesn’t have to be perfect, and that’s ok.  I love our journey of perseverance, forgiveness, and redemption.  We have fought to get where we were.  Our marriage is not perfect, but I love our marriage.  It was a journey to get to saying I Do.  I will say the biggest game changer for us has been actively making the choice to put each others needs before our own. Oh and continue to date you spouse.
  • Puppies: We have 2 Australian Labradoodles that look completely opposite, both are Standard size. Conan is 2 and Casper is 5 months.  We got both from the same breeder based in Woodlands, Lonestar Labradoodles.  My husband is not a dog person, so the only way we could get a dog would be if they don’t shed.  Our dogs are hypoallergenic and never shed.  I would strongly suggest this for people that want a dog but don’t like the hair.
  • My Home Decor Style:  I always say I am a hybrid between Z Gallerie and Pottery Barn.  I love for the home to cozy but with a glam spin.  Our current decor is Navy and Gold.  I will probably always keep gold, but will eventually try a different hue.
  • I am a give it to me straight no chaser type of person. I like it when people are direct, and I am often very direct.  So much so that I have to actively think before I speak at times, because I never want to be TOO direct. As I get not everyone likes that approach. haha
  • Age: 31 almost 32 coming up on November 9 #scorpioseasoniscoming
  • Random fact: I love cheerleading.  I cheered and then went on to be a Varsity coach.  Outside of family and friends that is the ONE thing I miss from being in Michigan.  Coaching cheer.  In TX there is a teacher certification needed, and cheer is different than my style in MI. But I miss coaching dearly.
  • Favorite Color: YELLOW
  • Favorite Budget Friendly Store: Boohoo
  • Favorite Clothing Store: I don’t have an exclusive fave but I shop at the Loft a lot, Nordstrom, Express
  • Favorite Store for the boys: Old Navy or Gymboree

In general, if were to say anything about myself I would say I am extremely determined.  When I have a thought or something I aspire to do, I put together and make it happen. My husband always says that I will find a way, and I do just that! While you may think it is a solely a great thing, I’ve had to work on myself with this.  Sometimes this can cause you to be so focused on your plan that you don’t do well when you are not in the drivers seat.  So with that, not having control has been a tough part for me. This is one of those aspects in marriage to where I have to let my husband lead.  Ugh…reason a million why marriage is not the easiest!  I’ve had to channel that to be determined within reason. Haha!

This was just a small glimpse into me, because I can get a bit long winded and I didn’t want this to be a novel! I love sharing our life because I know my experiences and giving tips of every aspect can help someone else.  I am pretty much an open book if you see something I am wearing, ask and I will share.  We can all look cute together! If you are wondering how we bought a home, ask and I will share.  If I’ve been through an experience I will share!

So let’s continue to help each other and I appreciate all of the support and following our wild and crazy family.

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