It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Last year, I had Cyrus end of November so decorating my home for Christmas was only done indoor.  Even with my indoor was a bit sparse. Hey I get a pass I had just given birth! Ha! However, this year I not only wanted to decorate my indoor, but also let my outdoor shine! Have you ever been that person that is driving through a neighborhood mesmerized by the holiday decor?!  That has also been me, and it’s so special this year having this be another first as a homeowner. It is the first time we have decorated outdoor as a homeowner.

Not going to lie it can be pretty overwhelming going from a spot of having no Christmas decorations to completion.  At Home solved that for us on every level! I walked into At home, and knew this was my Christmas decorations destination!  The boys and I didn’t want to leave! I think the hardest part was me and kids fighting over what decor to pick! They wanted like 20 inflatable Santa Claus’s in the yard. Haha!  That’s what I love about At Home there is holiday decor to meet anyone’s style!

I wanted to create a “Glam” outdoor decor! So that naturally would include all neutrals and and golds.  

Here is the blueprint I used to hopefully help you create a “Glam” Outdoor Christmas Decor!  I’ve teamed up with At Home stores to show you how you can accomplish all of these finds from their store!


Lighting:  I have always been partial to white lights.  It gives the gold appearance. We used lights around windows, shrubs, and trees. In the evenings it gives such gold twinkle appearance.


Wreath:  I love a statement wreath, there were many options to choose from.  If I was really crafty I would have even created my own. Because I am no Martha Stewart I opted to get this gold and champagne wreath! Such a statement piece to add to the glam decor.

Ornaments:  I know this may sound odd because we are decorating outside, but you can absolutely decorate your outdoor trees with large ornaments.  Grab some large gold ornaments and tie them with twine to help them stay on the branches!


Lawn Ornaments:  While my boys were hoping for an inflatable, I opted to get an assortment of gold figurines! I got a Reindeer set, Angel, Presents, Decorative trees, and sleigh.  All gold and I scattered them throughout our front yard. To give the yard some depth we also put some pieces in our flower beds.

Door Mat:  Changing your door mat is of course not an option. Right?! We found a holiday door mat that we both really loved.


Yard Signs:  I’ve personally always loved adding a more personal flair, so it was a must to get word yard signs.  It was perfect because I found 2 yards signs that had white and gold which matched perfectly. One says “Joy to the World” and the other “Glory to the newborn King”.


Entryway figurines:  We have our front porch decorated with an assortment of gold figurines. I chose a reindeer, sleigh and I put pine cones in it.

What I love most about creating my Glam Christmas is it didn’t break the budget! With how many At Home Christmas selections are you will be able to find Holiday decor that fits your style preferences.  I have never been a person that desires to have a lot of Red and Green, and that’s absolutely fine! I was able to find a ton holiday decor that fit my color scheme.


Who else is ready to start celebrating the holiday?!


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