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It is Christmas pajama time!!! Yes, I know that some people may be thinking we haven’t even hit Thanksgiving yet. haha! That may be true, but I am already thinking Christmas time.


We have been in Christmas pajamas for the past couple weeks! I love getting matching Christmas pajamas. Last year I wanted Christmas pajamas that we could wear for Christmas.  Well…when I started to go purchase them they were SOLD OUT every where.  Having a family of 5 it was difficult to find the same pattern for the entire crew.  I finally ended up finding some that were my absolute least favorite pattern, but it got the job done.  Moral of that story is be proactive and get your matching pajamas soon.


I know you may have a husband that says I am absolutely never putting on holiday pajamas. If that is the case, you need to tell him these reasons on why it is a must for your family this year.

  1. It makes for great pictures.
  2. So cozy
  3. Gets you in the holiday spirit
  4. The kids love it.


There are so many styles you can choose from so to make it easy for you I have listed each place that is carrying matching jammies that I love.

Hanna Andersson

Old Navy

Pottery Barn Kids




We love wearing matching jammies and will keep it going all Christmas season long, and probably even a little after.  Make sure to get yours before they get picked over!



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