Etsy Favorites by popular Dallas life and style blog, Glamorous Versatility: image of a little boy holding a first day of school board and first day of preschool pennant flag.

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I have been an Etsy lover for years.  I think Etsy got on my radar when we were planning our wedding. I have always been a person that loves custom looks, and items that look like they were made just for you…insert Etsy.  When we got engaged I didn’t just want the basic wedding cards that you see everywhere.  I wanted custom wedding cards that had a wow factor and different from what others were doing at the time.

When I was planning the wedding that is when I started going down the rabbit hole of learning more reasons why I love Etsy.  To be honest many of the decor items from my wedding I bought from Etsy shops. I also shop quite a bit from there BTS shop because there are so many great items for kids. 

Check out my favorite Kids Etsy items. 

While I browse through Etsy quite a bit I know many do not.  So I thought I would do a round up of all the items I have bought and LOVED from Etsy.  I swear there is seriously something for everything in your life. haha!

Etsy Favorites


The selections are endless with Etsy for home.  I have gotten my most loved personalized items for the home.  If you wanted to turn your house to a home, Etsy is perfect for that.  Personalized home decor has been my most shopped from Etsy.

Wall Signs – Having wall signs gives bedrooms an extra personalization. 

Etsy Favorites by popular Dallas life and style blog, Glamorous Versatility: image of an acrylic calendar and acrylic chore chart.

Family Calendar & Chore Chart

This has been a game changer! I have always had a family calendar but never had one that looked this great visually.  I love the acrylic and gold pegs.  It fits perfectly with my decor.  The chore chart is a new thing I have been trying.  Previously we would have to tell the boys what to do each day. We didn’t feel like they were learning responsibility and being held accountable enough.  With that, I decided it was time to get a chore chart.  If they complete all their chores each week they do receive an allowance.  Click HERE to grab the family calendar.

When we move these will go in our mud room area! I love how it will fit with my new home aesthetic.

Business Additions

I am not sure if people realize how helpful Etsy can be to help make your business look more professional.  We used Etsy when Rick was running his photography business and also as I was starting my blog.

Here’s a list of items that have helped with our businesses:

Business document templates – This helped us when my husband needed documents for his photography business, and didn’t want to recreate the wheel.  We added his logo and it was done. The documents included new client paperwork, contracts, invoice templates and more.  There are many options that help your brand identity look more defined. 

Instagram Highlight Icons – I still use these for my covers of my social icons on Instagram. Great way to have your Instagram highlights you unified. 

Social Media Header – We are not savvy with graphics so we bought this and had it slightly customized, and it is currently our Youtube channel header. This is not limited to just Youtube you can get other social media branding as well.

Blog Website Template – This one is big! When I started my blog website I had no clue what I was doing or how it should look.  I knew I wanted a blog site that looked somewhat personalized, but didn’t have the income to do that.  I learned that Etsy has shops that will put a template on your site that will make it look custom but without the cost.  I was using blogger at the time so I simply searched blogger website templates. It will allow you to have a look and feel of a custom site without paying the high cost of a web designer.  You can also get wordpress templates if that is the platform you are using.  Some shops may even install it on wordpress for an additional fee. 

Event Planning Items

When I first started using Etsy it was for our wedding. I wanted custom items and couldn’t find that anywhere at big box stores. So I searched Etsy.  You would be shocked how many small businesses can help give your wedding that extra flare.

Items we purchased for our wedding:


Card Box

Guest book

Flower girl basket

Wedding day stationery

Guest seating chart 

Cake Topper

I also planned my Bff’s bachelorette party and got:

Temporary Tattoos

Bachelorette Sash


Wine Glasses

Etsy Favorites by popular Dallas life and style blog, Glamorous Versatility: image of Lego gift bags and Lego thank you tags.

Birthday parties

There have been so many birthday parties I have planned with the help of Etsy. My most favorite was my son’s LEGO birthday party. I simply searched LEGO and so many ideas came up.

I was able to get: Birthday boy shirt, cake topper, invitations, cups, stationery, gift bags, cup labels, and more. 

Etsy Favorites by popular Dallas life and style blog, Glamorous Versatility: image of a family wearing matching Mickey Mouse shirts and standing n front of Cinderella's castle at Disney World.

Misc. Etsy favorites:

Most recently for my boys starting back to school I had them kick off the year with a first day of school sign and flag. 

Matching T-shirts when we went to Disney World we got family matching T-shirts that made our trip just a bit more special. 

Dog bandanas– I love getting them seasonal bandanas! 

Photo props – When we had newborn photos we had some specific needs for what we wanted our newborn photos to look like.  We were able to get those items from Etsy. 

In general, what love most about Etsy is it gives your life a little added flair.  From the personalized touches to the keepsakes. What are your current Etsy favorites?  Let me know in a comment below!