Shopping for jeans can be a tough process. There are so many styles, cuts, and fits to consider when trying them on. Not only do I want my jeans to fit great, but I also always want them to be affordable! I set myself on a mission to find the perfect pair of affordable jeans that would look great on me in the season of body I am currently in. I am a midsize, size 12, mom of 5, and 5’3 1/2 (yes, the half does matter!). Here are my jean reviews and findings all under $40!

Old Navy

I was genuinely surprised by this pair of cropped flare jeans. This  They are a high-rise fit, and I can move around in them very comfortably. A great pair of jeans to wear out on a family day! This pair is $32.

I am almost 40 years old; I do not need an overly distressed pair of jeans. This pair of jeans has the perfect amount of distress! They are a mid-rise fit, and I love the raw hem on the ankle. This is a great pair of jeans to wear with some cute heels! This pair is $30.


I love skinny jeans! I know they aren’t the “cool” style anymore, but I feel that you can never go wrong with a good pair of skinny jeans. They have an elastic waistband that helps give a little stretch when buttoning them. I would call these a super high-rise fit, and they are pretty long on me. One thing to note is that they do have a Lee logo on the back by the belt loops, and I’m not the biggest fan of that. This pair is $36.


This is the most affordable pair of jeans I found at only $21! They are a cargo fit, but I love that they do not have an overwhelming amount of pockets! They are mid-rise, and there’s not a lot of stretch, making them feel more fitted. These jeans are great for the spring and summer!


Everyone needs a good pair of white jeans, and these are it for me! One of the main concerns of wearing white jeans is if they are going to be see-through, and this pair is not! I could not see my underwear or texture through them. These jeans were by far the tightest fit in my midsection. This pair is $36.

American Eagle

These mom jeans were by far the easiest to get on! This is a high-rise fit, and they do have some stretch to them. This is a great everyday pair, and I can definitely see myself wearing them to many of our sports outings. This pair is $49.

I have birthed 5 babies, and though my weight is up, I was determined to find jeans that fit me! I just needed to take time to try a few pairs on and make sure the size and style were right for me. Regardless of your body’s current season, don’t allow it to dictate whether you’ll wear jeans or not. I hope my reviews can help you find a pair to fall in love with! Let me know which pair was your favorite!