Valentine’s Day is this week! I am sure there is a portion of you that really could careless, and then the other portion that forgot and running around panicking about what to get and wear.

I don’t like wearing the crown of Mrs. Last Minute, but sadly I often fall in that category.  Don’t judge y’all this was a goal of mine to be more on top of things and not be last minute.

For the portion of you all that can relate and have not yet gotten anything for your special someone or most importantly nothing to wear I got your covered.  Unless you plan on paying overnight shipping costs (Not me!) your only options for getting something to wear is through going out to the mall or Amazon Prime!

Let me say that I almost never go to the mall anymore.  Unless it is an emergency same day situation I rarely go to the mall, so that leaves me with Amazon.

So let’s call this post the last minute get your Vday outfit blog! Haha!

Below I have shared some cute Vday looks that would be great for a night out with your special someone. Ladies, let also say if you don’t do it any other day, step it up today and wear that outfit you may not normally where.  Your guy deserves it! All the items I picked have pretty good review (because you know sometimes it can be sketchy).


My Floral dress is by Gwynnie Bee and you can try their service here.

Click on any picture to get the details! Hope my picks get you looking AMAZING for Valentine’s Day! Make sure sure to order by today to get Wednesday delivery. Tuesday you can get Thursday delivery and just plan for a late date night!

Can’t wait to see what you all end up with!


All Items are linked above by the product name or by clicking the images.

Floral Dress | Red Heels | Julie Vos Ring | Julie Vos Necklace | Julie Vos Cuff |