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I am a shopper, that’s what I do! However, with the holidays here sometimes I can need a boost of ideas to help me figure out what to get someone.  OR what to add to my Christmas list. I love clothing so much, but I truly don’t need many clothes. What my wardrobe needs is some accessories. Finally a gift guide! 

If you are like me then I got you covered today.  I am sharing my top picks for all your accessories needs.  From budget friendly to splurge!



To kick it off I have to start with the my favorite places to get jewelry. Julie Vos if you have been following me for a while then you know my love for Julie Vos runs deep.  It’s like this brand completely understands my style. If you love gold and statement then Julie Vos is for you. It’s gives you that statement look, but it being quality pieces.  Christmas is the perfect time to invest in some pieces.


Accessories Gift Guide Picks

One: Clutch – With so many holiday parties on the horizon it is perfect to have a clutch for the date nights, parties, and everything in between.  I’ve had 4 different Rebecca Minkoff Leo clutch’s and have sweared by them and the price point.

Two: Julie Vos Cuff – As mentioned before I am obsessed with all my pieces of Julie Vos.  However, my favorite is always their cuffs. Perfect statement and worth the splurge.

Three: Leopard Pump – It’s always necessary to keep a few pumps in your wardrobe, and even more necessary to have a leopard one!  I would recommend sizing up on this pair.

Four: Julie Vos Ring – I’ve started being more intentional about wearing rings.  It is a perfect way to complete your look and add some flare.

Five: Gucci Belt – Alright y’all….this is a splurge item.  What better time to go for it than Christmas time.  I contemplated for a while on if I should snag it. I had been wanting it forever, but my biggest questions was will I wear it.  The answer has now been yes. First, I love the black/gold combo, so I got a color I knew I had pieces to match with. I frequently wear it, and has definitely been worth grabbing.

Six: Wallet – I love Kate Spade wallets because they normally have a bit a glam, and still quality.  

Seven: Quay Sunglasses – You can never have enough sunglasses and these are less than $60!

Eight: Tory Burch Flats – I cannot stress to you how much I wear all my Tory Burch flats.  I work in a very casual work environment, so rotate all my Tory Burch flats.  This is my most worn shoe in my closet.

Nine: Scarf –  Adding a scarf to a simple top is a perfect way to elevate your look.

Ten: Cozy Socks –  A great stocking stuffer, and comfy for the winter season upon us.

Eleven: Leopard phone case –  This is my current phone case and my favorite one to date.  

Twelve: Tory Burch Tote – I have been eyeing this bag for a while. One of the aspects I love from Tory burch bags is they allow you to have a elevated look without paying over $1k.  Plus every so often they have sales!

These are accessory ideas of items I either have or that are on my wishlist! Let’s see how Rick does this year.


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