There is a new trend to try….OVERALLS.  Most of us, myself included wore them back in the day.  I used to wear mine with only one strap clasped, and had the other one dangling.  Fashion I swear is so cyclical.
When I saw the trend reappear, I am not going to lie I questioned if I would partake.  I’m only 5’3’ so I didn’t know if it would have me looking like a little girl or Ooompa Loompa. The truth is overalls are very versatile and you can wear for your momiform, date night, or just for casual days.  I noticed there is a wide range of pricing for overalls now.  I can’t justifiy paying over $100 for overalls, as I think this is a very trendy. Especially, since there are tons of affordable options.  So I went on the hunt for some in my price range, and I found both overalls from AmericanEagle.  I bought both when they were Buy 1 get one 50% off, plus I had an additional 15% off coupon code! YES! That is always the perfect opportunity to try a trend when you can get it on sale.




Here are some tips to help you perfectly style your overalls:
Pair it with fun heels – Looking to dress it up a bit?  Pair it with a patterned heel to dress the overalls up.
 Grab a fitted shirt– While my mid-section is not the tightest.  That last thing you want to do with overalls is wear a really lose top. Consider pairing it with a fitted top, and it your body is really on point a CROP TOP! I’m not there yet, but I love seeing that look too.  It brings me back to the 90s, and how much I wanted to be in TLC! HAHA!  If you aren’t that comfortable with wearing a fitted top, just remember the bib of the overalls does block the problem areas.
 Let the overalls be the statement piece – As you can see I didn’t accessorize a ton.  I feel like overalls already are the statement, and should be the highlight. Don’t worry about having to go over the top with statement accessories or jewelry.
 Add a layer – I didn’t style the overalls in the pictures with this, but consider adding a layer on top of the overalls.  Maybe an open cardigan or even kimono.  This will give you another style option to transform your overalls.
 Sneakers – What’s nice about overalls is it can be casual or dressy, based on how you style it.  How I wear my overalls most of the time is with sneakers and for my every day runs.  I feel it gives my momiform a different spin.  


Don’t be afraid to step outside the box, and try this new trend out.  I am not the person that tries out all trends.  Even with the new overalls & my Oompa Loompa fears,  I tried it and love how they look on me.  I also chose to try the skinny leg fit, as I feel it flattered my shape more.  BUT there are many fits you can try.  It’s a versatile style that can be worn many different ways.   JUST TRY IT!
Happy Styling!