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This dress was only $15!  I like splurging for my wardrobe items here and there, but sometimes you just have an event or need something that is inexpensive. If I know that I will only wear something once, I am likely to check out a bargain site in order to find a quick win.
I have absolutely no shame about buying inexpensive for trendy or statement pieces. Before spending a hefty amount of money on an item I think that you should ask yourself the following questions. 
Will you likely only wear this item 1-2 times?
Are you on a budget?
And is this a statement piece?
If the answer to your question for each is YES then you probably should start searching more cost friendly sites. 
Let me make clear I don’t shop at these sites for everything.  I would say I only probably get a handful of items from these sites each season. However, I do know what items to look for.  I got my dress from Shein (this is not sponsored).  There are plenty more sites out there, but this is the only one I have actually purchased from and can speak to. 
I follow the philosophy of mixing splurge and budget savvy pieces in every item. Example: If my dress was $20 I will likely pair it with a designer bag and/or some nice jewelry.  I love going to Shein for dresses, jumpsuits, and a occasional blouse.
I wanted to share some criteria I look for before buying from Shein or really any cost effective site.
Are there legitimate reviews?  If you see 50 reviews and they are all giving 5 stars it is likely not real reviews.  I like Shein because it gives you real customer photos so you can see how it looks on a real person.
Check the material:  You must have the mindset when shopping cost effective that you will not get the top of line material.  However, I do check to make sure it is material that is manageable and will not be like wearing a cardboard box.
Price:  If I am going budget friendly I will not pay more than $25 maybe $30 on these sites.  I really like to be at $25 or less. If I am coming to this site it’s because I am looking for an affordable deal.  I wouldn’t recommend paying $50 or more on sites like these.  If that is the case you are better off going to a better brand.
Timing:  It is likely that these sites are shipping internationally.  If you are looking to shop at a site like this, order early to give the item time to get to you!  It will likely take 10-12 days to get to you if you ship normal ground. 
The fit:  My biggest complaint with buying on sites like these is typically the fit of the item is never as pictured or the sizing is off.  I almost always size up, because Shein sizes are normally tighter.  
Also, the fit on these items isn’t always the best, so make sure to set realistic expectations.
These sites are good for here and there use.  I wouldn’t recommend buying your whole wardrobe from here.  BUT I have found many items that are hidden gems.  I can’t stress enough to set realistic expectations.  Some things I buy from the site are major wins, other times not so much.  Just know that buying budget friendly will come with some fit challenges.  
Dress (Sold out, linked similar here Shoes  Earrings  Clutch 


I bought this dress from Shein, and its really affordable.  My dress is sadly out of stock momentarily, but this site always restocks.I would wear this for a night out or date night.  However, the fabric is a bit thin and sheer.  The material is decent and does flatter my shape.  Perfect example how there will pros/cons with each item.
If you want a trendier item or just don’t think you will get a lot of wear from something, consider shopping cost effective.  Just set realistic expectations!
Happy styling!

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