Is it just me or are you equally as excited that Athleisure became popular? When the trend came around I had the thoughts of, I can wear leggings and a sweatshirt and actually look trendy?!  YES! I make it no secret that I prefer to wear whatever is the most comfy for my daily errands.  However, many times my errands I have to look somewhat presentable.  I started slowly picking up more and more athleisure pieces.

Or is your thought, what the heck is Athleisure?  It is basically a mix between Athletic wear and Loungewear.  I do love wearing athletic gear to run errands, but I always in the back of head had the thought.  “Taryn you know you are not going to anybody’s gym”.  It kinda made me feel a bit guilty. LOL. 


You may be in the mindset I had where you refused to give up your old sweats.  Here are a few reasons why it’s time to switch to Athleisure.  

It makes you feel better about the way you look – I’ve had many days when I threw on some old sweats and hit the streets with the kids.  Now I am not saying there’s a problem with that.  Mom life can already make you feel anything less than glamorous, so adding sweats just takes it over the top.  Athleisure gives you the appearance you actually tried. 
So comfortable – Yes athleisure is cute but even more than that, its so comfortable! Who wouldn’t want to wear leggings and a loose fitted shirt?

Versatile – You can go from getting errands done to catching and early dinner with the family. 

To perfectly master athleisure consider getting leggings with a loose fitted sweatshirt or tunics.  If you are wanting pants that aren’t so fitted swap the leggings out for joggers.  The options are really endless! 

Some athleisure styles to try!




A couple bonus tips!  Make sure to get high-waisted leggings, it helps tame that stubborn mid section.  AND try to get basic athleisure pieces to make it easy to mix and match your outfits. Pair an athleisure look with your favorite tote bag and you will be ready to take on day full of errands, or be ready to look like the “cute mom”.

Happy Styling!