How To Declutter Under The Bathroom Sink


This past weekend was productive! I have been so tired of looking at my unorganized and cluttered bathroom sink.  I am a little ashamed I have been in my home for almost 2 years haven’t done this before then.  Oh well, it’s never to late to knock out those overdue home projects!  After I unpacked our Disney luggage I tackled it, and with some help from a noisy 10 month old. ha!

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As I have mentioned before we did build our home, when we bought it our home was a few months from completion.  With that, it doesn’t have all of our preferences.  Which really what house will.  One of the drawbacks is our bathroom storage space and counter space.  We don’t have much of it.  Under the sink there are no shelves unless I create them, for these past 2 years I have just thrown everything in. It started to look pretty junky.

Sadly, here is our BEFORE PICTURE  No judgements please! haha

Here’s is the simple plan I used to tackle and declutter under the bathroom sink!

  1. Purge – I needed to pull out all the existing products. Example, my baby is 10 months old there was no reason I still needed my delivery soothing pads.  I tossed a whole trash can full!
  2. Categorize – Once I purged the unwanted items I made piles of the items I wished to still keep.  My piles were hair products, towels, skin products, and feminine items. This allowed me to start making a game plan as to how I would use my organizers.
  3. Placement – It’s somewhat like creating a puzzle, but before I put my products in the containers I put everything in the cabinet to ensure it would fit as intended.
  4. Fill the containers – After I knew all my containers would fit I then started filling my containers.  It didn’t take moving thing around quite a bit to get them in the right compartment so be patient! Especially when I had a little baby that kept pull the items back out!
  5. Place items in cabinet – As mentioned before I don’t have built-in shelves so I had to create it by using these wicker baskets.  This under the sink some depth.  It then allowed me to stack containers and towels as if I had shelfs.


This project took me about 45 minutes! I can’t believe I have been putting this off for this long for a project that was relatively quick.  I say that to say, if you have those projects you keep putting off. DO IT! I promise it won’t take long.  It made me feel so good afterwards, and makes it easy to find items. As the saying goes don’t put off for tomorrow what can be done today! Just make sure you have your supplies, and knock this project out!


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