Valentine’s Day always brings attention to share the love you have for your significant other. However, I think it is important to be in the habit of regularly showing love and affection even not around Valentine’s Day.

Recently at our Life Group (through our church we meet with couples and do life with them) we did an activity called “crush on your spouse”.  We thought it was funny at first, but the point was to take 5 minutes each to crush on your spouse. After taking those 5 minutes to say aloud to your spouse reasons why I love my spouse, it was just eye opening that I don’t do it enough.  For that matter, I don’t my entire family.


We get so busy that it gets easy to neglect saying the things that may seem the obvious.  I challenge you to take the time to do the same with your loved ones.  Tell them why you love them, what they do that is awesome, and why they are special to you.


I wanted to share five reasons I love my family! Of course there are more but these are just some that stand out. 

  1. We are the silliest family ever, but every day I can honestly say we have so much fun with each other.  Even when it is chaotic, it’s a crazy type of fun.
  2. I love my sons because in each of their own way they already are protecting and looking after their mama.  Calvin regularly asks me “mom you ok” just to check on me.
  3. Each of my men are some handsome in their own way.  I am so blessed to have not just 1 buy 4 handsome men in my life.
  4. They give me the motivation to be a better person, mother, and spouse.  I am in a transition now being a business owner and corporate mama.  With everything they are my biggest cheerleaders.  Tell me to keep going when I am tired.  And celebrate each win.
  5. I can’t leave out my pups Conan and Casper.  If you don’t know we used to have a dogs before this.  One passed away suddenly and the other we had to give away because it just was not a great fit.  We were cautious at picking the next dogs.  When we got these pups we have never had such amazing family dogs that just add to the love in our home.  Plus their good behavior just makes it where they are never a problem.  While this may be silly for some, I love our pups so much.  Thankful to have them complete our family of 7.

I could go on, but I know after doing that activity I want to be more intentional about sharing to my family why I love them.  Again, I challenge you to do this activity to your significant other and/or family.



This is something that many of you had been asking for a while and we finally took the leap. Eeekk!  This will be so much fun to go down this new journey as a family and with our community.


We kicked it off just sharing an intro video. Watch it and SUBSCRIBE.  Our goal is to make this a daily family vlog, so we need all the encouragement we can get. Please watch, subscribe, LIKE, and COMMENT!


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