Top: Zara | JeansAmerican Eagle | Shoes: Tory Burch sold out, similar here| Purse: Tory Burch SOLD OUT, similar here Earrings:Nordstrom | Ring: Tory Burch SOLD OUT similar here and Nordstrom | Watch: Michael Kors |Bracelets: Bauble Bar | Sunglasses: Kate Spade | 
There are a few every day essentials I believe should be in every busy woman’s wardrobe. The basic tee, distressed denim, and neutral flats. Those essentials are perfect for women that are on the go, who want to look fashionable but not overdressed, and of course comfortable. 
Majority of my week I am not super dressed up.  I am wearing casual outfits.  It first started when I realized that I am always running errands or to a sports activity.  One day I evaluated my closet and realized that I only had two types of outfits dressy and athletic casual.  I did not have cute clothing for that in between every day outfit.  So I started buying versatile items that I could wear many different ways. I found those three essentials started to be a go-to in my every day wardrobe, 
The Basic Tee: Great for everyday wear.  Looks more stylish than a t-shirt.  Get them in different colors to change up the look.  You can find these tops anywhere. I got the one pictured from Zara, but I know Target has a ton. Just make sure you find one that fits well, sometimes these tops have a tendency to have a boxy fit. 
Distressed Denim: Who doesn’t love these types of jeans? I know I do! These type of jeans bring a great balance to my outfit.  It instantly bring a nice casual flair to the look.
Neutral Flats:  I live by wearing comfortable flats.  My major closet staple is a brown and black flat.  I dress them up and down, and they are so easy to throw on. I’m in flats a lot throughout the week, and previously my flats would get damaged quickly.  I found myself always having to run out and grab new ones.  I now have majority of my flats from Tory Burch.  Yes, I know they cost a little more, but for me it is worth the price. I’ve had my black ones for about 2 1/2 years and I am just now phasing them out to get new ones. They never lost shape and very comfortable. Cute flats are a must in my wardrobe.  
If you want to elevate your every day outfit definitely start with these 3 pieces.
Happy styling!