Jacket: Go Jane  | Top: Target Jeans: Express  Shoes: Go Jane | Earrings: Kendra Scott Bracelet Bauble Bar | Necklace: Charming Charlie Purse: Charming Charlie  | Watch: Michael Kors

Camo is the perfect print to add to your wardrobe. For me it is my next favorite print…after leopard of course.  What I love about camoflage print is there are so many different ways to wear it.  You can have it as a main staple or a simple pop to your outfit. It can be a fun date night print or completely casual.
What’s awesome about camo is the versatility,  you can get a brown based camo that you can pair with Earth tones and brown accessories. I personally love when it is paired with black, it adds a bit of glam that allows me to wear black pants and purse.
Here are a few ways to add camo to your wardrobe:
Jacket: I have paired this outfit with a camo jacket.  It is perfect for fall, and will give me many different options for use.  I have paired this looked with black pants, but you can also try olive to bring more of the camo look to life!  What I love most about this jacket is that it’s reversible.  The opposite side it solid olive, which gives me even more ways to wear this jacket.  Layering is key in Dallas so this light jacket was perfect for the cool Texas Fall nights.
Pants:  If you want to make the camo look a pillar piece of your outfit try camo pants! depending on the color camo print. You can pair it with a black, nude, or even olive top. 
Camo heels: Now let me just say this…Not all camo heels are a favorite of mine.  Some look very cheap, and I would never wear.  I found a couple pairs that were subtle enough that still were stylish for my taste. Just keep the rest of your outfit using solid colors, such as all olive or black. 
Tops: The options are endless with this!  I love a button up camo top and pairing it with a dark blue look.  If you go with a twill camo top, just be careful on sizing as it often doesn’t stretch a lot. Also sometimes twill are wrinkle prone! 

Have fun with this trend! Next on my to do list is an all olive top and pant with camo heels! Just don’t do camo overkill, I recommend choosing 1 camo piece in each outfit. If you haven’t purchased any camo you are missing out! 
Happy Styling!