Sharing 8 Target outfits that are perfect workwear for a business casual environment! This is pretty long overdue, I’ve been wanting to share workwear for a while. I know from experience shopping for workwear can get pretty pricey, with that I find myself often looking at Target for affordable options. It goes in waves, sometimes I can land a lot of pieces and sometime not so much.  Right now Target has a lot of business casual pieces, I think because many teachers are getting ready for back to school. 

I’ve always worked in a business casual environment for every position I’ve had. It’s nice because it allows me to be comfortable but still be professional.

These 8 outfits are great options that can work whether you work in a corporate setting or as a teacher. What I love most is each piece is under $40 and include some great staples to mix and match. 

Midi Skirt

This is such a staple for your work wardrobe. You can dress this down for casual Friday or pair it with work pumps and a blazer. 

Cardigans – I live in Texas and it goes from being 100 degrees outside to the AC blasting on the inside and with that it ends up with me needing to layer. Cardigans I feel is such a crucial piece in any workwear outfit. You can layer it onto of a blouse, dress, or tee.

Black Pants

You can never go wrong with a pair of black pants. I love that you can wear any color top with black pants and it will look great! Also dress it up with a blazer or dress it down with this Henley Shirt but still adding some business to it with the mules.


Fortunately my last 2 positions did jeans for a cause. Which allows you to wear jeans if you donate to the charity of that month. With that, I pretty regularly would wear jeans to work. However, I still had to apply effort. I also have to make sure the jeans do not have any holes and are not distressed.  These jeans are a great option and currently 30% off. 

Midi Dress

If I am being honest some days it is easier for me to throw on a dress and go, instead of piecing together an outfit. Midi dresses are great because they work for different heights, and you don’t have to worry about if it’s too short.

Comfy Slacks

There is nothing worse than sitting at your desk and realizing that your pants are too tight. Comfort is key for me. I loved jazzing it up a bit with colorful slacks, These fit TTS.


This style of shoe is a great work option. It allows you to have the comfort of being a flat, but a bit more dressier than your typical flat.

Versatile Blouse

Get about 5 versatile blouses in your wardrobe that you can style different ways. Whether adding a blazer over or wearing as is. I could have easily paired this with a skirt as well.

Black Pumps

There are some days that requires you to dress it up a bit. If we have a meeting with outside vendors or people from our headquarters coming in. Black pumps are a staple that dress up any outfit. 

Work Shoes

Work Bags