Spring Neutrals & My Favorite Things

If you haven’t noticed by the content I post I love all things Gold and neutrals.  I consistently have to tell myself to back away from the gold. (I seriously have a problem with leopard and gold). Carrying on with the topic of my favorite things I love.
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I consistently share that I want my followers to know what type of person I am and I always strive to be transparent.  I haven’t shared some of my favorite things since my blogging/pregnancy break so I thought this would be a perfect time to in a sense re-introduce myself. 
I started blogging mid 2016 because I have always love fashion and I always felt if I share my life someone else could benefit from the lessons I have learned along the way.  Or at least get some budget friendly tips. Once I got pregnant in 2017 it was pretty rough and had to prioritize just keeping  myself and the baby healthy. 
Now I am back, and better than before.  It was kind of nice taking that time off to get clarity on many aspects of my life.  Even one of them being blogging.  If I was going to blog I wanted to strive to be even more transparent.  So much of what you see on social media gives the illusion that everything is perfect.  Well I am here to tell you I am not perfect.  If you see a picture of my kids looking like they have it together they probably were crying about 2 minutes before.  If you look at my marriage and think it is perfect, we’re not.  He works my nerves at times but I love the heck out of him, and we worked hard to be able to wholeheartedly be genuinely happy.  I’ve birthed 3 kids and proud that my body was able to even do that.  So yes I have some baby lumps, and on the journey to get back to pre-baby weight. 
I share my life and experiences because hopefully it provides encouragement, and you can feel somewhat like you are not alone in this crazy thing called life. 
Here are a few of my favorite things:
My house goal is a hybrid between Z Gallerie and Pottery Barn. I love glam, but have a hint of farmhouse. 
On a daily basis I am likely to be in casual wear.  As soon as I get home I am throwing off my work wear to put on sweats.  So I can pretend to act like I wear heels 24/7, because that ain’t me.  But don’t get it twisted I love to get dolled up whenever I have a chance to be kid-free!
I am such morning person.  I feel the most productive at first thing in the morning. I try to get up before the kids and work through my to-do list.  However, it seems like my kids keep getting up earlier and earlier. 🙁 
My 3 sweet boys, Cam, Calvin, and Cyrus.  Being a mom to 3 boys can be tough.  I don’t have it all figured out since Cyrus has arrived. I am still trying to learn how to manage being a mom, professional, wife, and keep my house clean.  
My favorite color is Yellow…and if leopard was a color that would be my fav too!
I love running…call me crazy but it is my happy place an honestly quite therapeutic.  
Queso has never let me down.
I love shopping but I love getting deals even more.  Before I checkout I always go on the hunt for a coupon. 
If I would say I have a signature look I would say this outfit defines it.  I love wearing a casual neutral top, and then glamming it up with accessories.  So what will you see more of by tuning into the blog?  My family, my journey to live a healthier lifestyle, all my favorite fashions, my home, and really anything that is on my heart at the time.  

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