Dress: NY and Company  Shoes: Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120mm | Earrings: Charming Charlie Bracelet Bauble Bar | Ring: Bauble Bar | Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff


Holiday party season is here! This is one of my favorite times get dolled up and enjoy all of the holiday season parties!
For me personally whenever I think of holiday parties I always gravitate to a fun statement color.  This dress instantly caught my eye for my husband’s work party.  It isn’t too dress, little bit a class, and you can’t forget some glam appeal. What I love about this is the black print is velvet, which I am equally obsessed with. 
Sharing some trends that I can’t wait to wear this party season!
Velvet: This trend is hot right now! It can instantly make your dress look very glamorous!


Sequins: Personally, a sequin piece will always be in my closet whether on trend or not.  Sequins are perfect for any holiday party, and NYE.  I have been on the hunt for a perfect NYE dress that is sequins. Another little tip with sequins, they are great for hiding those problem areas.  I wore a sequin dress at a ball, and it was great at concealing along with photographs well.


Faux Furs: I love faux fur vests! There are such a nice added touch! Pair it with some leggings and blouse, and you are ready to go on a gift exchange party with your girlfriends.


Vibrant colors:  Holidays for me, I live in vibrant reds.  It’s great to make a statement at parties.  I mean and what is Christmas time without being cheery and wearing red?


Let’s chat about shoes for a moment…I invested in my Christian Louboutin heels a while back. I love them, but I have to explain. Last year I bought the So Kates, and wore them a few times.  I ended up selling them, because my feet felt like death. These shoes were so painful. There was absolutely no cushion, and every step was unbearable. 
For me, I just couldn’t justify keeping them when I would not be wearing them. So I sold them, and didn’t even blink and eye. Well…Almost a year goes by and I decided to give them a try again. This time instead of So Kate, I opted to try the Pigalle 120mm.  I read a few different blogs that the Pigalle’s have a larger toe box, and makes them more comfortable than So Kate.  I decided to give it a try, I also went up a size.
Initial thought upon getting them…still not like walking on clouds. BUT manageable.  I started researching further, and heard about stretching the toe box.  I read you can take them to the cobbler, and some are able to stretch them out. Since, I didn’t have time to take them there I looked for at-home techniques.  I saw a ton of videos on YouTube about the sock method.  Let me just say this disclaimer, never will these shoes be my most comfortable heels. However these methods made them a million times better, and can actual get through the evening. 
Here’s what I did: I put on like 3 socks, then tried to walk in them with the socks on. I also indirectly, put on the hair dryer on and would walk around in from of it. I did this in 5 minute increments for about 25 minutes.  After that I stuffed the shoe with socks to give it an additional stretch. haha! Side note: My hubby was laughing at me the entire time.  He was like for all of this effort you know you can just put on sneakers and call it a day. ha! After this they fit like a glove! I was able to wear them all night with no major issues.  Let me also say that the shoes already fit me when I bought them, this just allowed them to not be so stiff.  I can’t say I think this would work if you ordered completely the wrong size.
For me no shoe is worth being in pain, so I am glad that I was able to get these shoes much more comfortable!  I had to share, just in case anyone has experienced the same problem with Christian Louboutin heels.
I can’t wait to share more of my holiday looks with you all!
Happy Holidays!