Dress: She in ShoesSteve Madden | Earrings: Bauble Bar | Necklace: Bauble Bar | WatchMichael Kors | Ring: Charming Charlie Purse: Rebecca Minkoff

I am huge advocate of knowing what to save your money on in your wardrobe.  It’s no secret that I mix high-end with budget friendly items. I think it gives the perfect balance.

The key to pulling this off is knowing what items are ok to save a buck.  For me, one item I often look for affordability on is my dress wardrobe.  In many cases dresses I only wear for one occasion and never put on again.  With that, I would be wasting a lot of money if I always spent over $100 for each dress.  And to be honest, most $100 dresses you can find the same one for a fraction of the cost.
 I would rather spend my money on items I will wear multiple times. I go to so many different functions, and never want to fill guilty that I may not wear the dress again and spent a ton of money on it. There are many places to purchases dresses from that are perfect for that one-time occasion that is affordable but not cheap looking.  I got this perfect wrap dress for less than $25!! Its perfect for Spring and Summer parties.  

Here are a few trusted sites that I check out whenever I am in need of a dress.  Shein, NY and Co (can be affordable when they are having a sale), Target, Boohoo (great for night out), and H&M.

Don’t get me wrong, I love splurging on a dress every once in a while.  But I prioritize it based on the importance of the event. Start thinking about your specific events you have coming up, and really start considering a less expensive option that is just as cute!

Happy Styling!