5 Easy Ways To Coordinate Your Family Outfits


If you have been following me for a while then you know I love styling my family. And even bigger than that you know that I love my family being coordinated.

Why do I coordinate my family? First off, because I enjoy it.  I love seeing us all styled and secondly because I feel like it completes our pictures! 

How to Coordinate Your Family Outfits

I have been coordinating our family for a while, so for me it is like second nature.  However for others it may not come so easily. With that,  I want to share 5 easy tips that help me coordinate our outfits.

  1. Choose your color scheme – Before I start looking at any items, I always go in already having the color scheme in mind.  Sometimes my vision is hard to pull off for an entire family, so I typically also pick a back up color scheme just in case.
  2. Start with the kids – When planning our family outfits I pick out the boys outfits first.  Typically the boys wear the patterns. So starting with them first allows me to get the pattern that will be used. If you have older kids like Cameron, try to put the younger ones in the patterns.  Cam is coming into that pre-teen bracket, so I always try to make sure I dress him accordingly. Plus if you have a younger child that you hold, if they are wearing the pattern, it ties your look together when they are in your arm/lap. A lot of times for the boys I will pick from a collection, and have them wear mix/match items from that collection.
  3. Simplify – When coordinating it is easy to get a little over the top and want to start matching everything.  Be subtle. I typically never do more than 1 bold pattern, I also keep it to only one family member that has the pattern.   
  4. Keep parents opposite – I’ve found that when I have Rick and I coordinate too much it ends up looking like we are doing too much. I like to keep us in the least matching together to break it up. I also normally have Rick be the foundation color.  I put him in the least busy look of everybody, this also helps keep the the matching subtle.
  5. Don’t forget to accessorize – Sometimes finding coordinating pieces can be hard.  When you can’t find a way to tie it all together that’s when I go to the accessories.  I will have the boys get a pop of color by incorporating a bow tie, or sometimes shoes. It doesn’t always have to be clothing.


Quick tip:  For this shoot with the yellow some of the yellows were slightly off.  Finding colors that perfect match is difficult. If you find yourself with this issue, no worries.  For this shoot my skirt hue was slightly off from Calvin’s cardigan. So I strategically place Calvin closer to Rick.  When coordinating you want to stay as close as possible in hue colors, but if it is a little off no sweat!




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