10 Facts about Me

If you have stumbled across my blog, you may want to learn more about Taryn!  Rather than being super long winded (as I can be at times) and writing a novel.  I decided to go with creating 10 things about me list. Hopefully, we share some things in common!

1. My full name is Taryn Breanne Newton…I love my name, even though many years I dealt with name slaughter (such as, Terrance, TYRONE, Karen). 
2. I’m a girl from the mitten living in Dallas.  Born and raised in Kentwood, Michigan.  I now reside in McKinney, Texas.
3. I am happily married to my husband Rick, and we have two awesome and rambunctious boys Cameron (8) and Calvin (2).
4. I am a faithful Christian.  I strive daily to become more like Christ, and spread the word of Him through my voice and actions.  Although this is a lifestyle blog,  I pray that you see through this blog that my purpose is His purpose. 
5. I love YELLOW! I could and would wear yellow every day.  I adore pretty much any hue of yellow…Yellow shirts, dresses, accessories, and more.  You name it I love it. 
6. I’m a runner! Not professionally or anything, I just thoroughly enjoy it. For the first time ever I will be running a full marathon next week!  I know that may sound crazy!  It’s the challenge, and how accomplished you feel after achieving a personal goal.  It’s an added bonus that I get to buy more work out clothes.  I love dressing up but really love work out gear.
7. My style is somewhat like an oxymoron.  I love looking glamorous but also want to be casual as well.  I am a busy mom, so my wardrobe has many casual clothes that I can throw on to run to a soccer game or go grocery shopping.
8. My favorite items in my closet are shoes! I have a weakness for shoes (ask my husband lol).  I typically base my outfit around my shoes, and allow everything to fall into place after that.  My basic Taryn wardrobe rule I follow is I invest in my staple shoes. Such as, basic black or nude pump.  For my fun and trendy shoes I try my hardest to find a shoe that is more cost efficient.  Trends change quickly, so sometimes it is hard for me to justify paying a lot for a shoe I know won’t be “in” next season. 
9. I am the baby of the family, with two awesome parents who are the BEST grandparents ever!  I have two older sisters, we’ve been a team and remain us against the world. 
10. Sometimes I truly believe I am the animal whisperer.  I absolutely love all animals.  Which, is funny because my husband is not a fan of ANY animal. He thinks I am nuts and doesn’t want any pets.  Fortunately for me, my husband gave in on that battle, we are awaiting for our new Labradoodle to be born lol.  
What will you find on this blog? You will find a little bit of everything, truly a lifestyle blog,  Fashion, practical fitness and health tips, my continued journey being a wife and mom.  As I go through life I will share on the blog.  You may subscribe to this blog to get style inspiration, another mom buddy, and see a woman that balances a lot but still likes to cute doing it! Thanks for stopping by!

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