Cameron and Taryn Newton hugging after Cameron's first varsity football game

To say that we are a sports family would be an understatement. Rick and I both love sports, so it’s been really fun watching the boys play whatever sport they love most.

Right now we’re winding down Cameron’s first varsity football season, which I’m sad about but also ready for – it’s such a commitment from the whole fam. We were constantly traveling this year due to Cam’s team having to play outside a district, because they are a new school. At times, it can feel like football is our life and can certainly be exhausting, let me tell you, but some of my favorite memories are watching Cam play football, especially as a family. I’m a proud mama and I can’t tell you how much joy it brings me to see how strong and resilient Cam has become! Football truly has become one of my favorite family activities.

A newton family photo right before Cameron's first varsity homecoming

That being said, something we love to do as a family is support one another and Cam only has two years left of high school so we’re not holding back. We love wearing our football swag and getting dressed up for each of his games, so I thought it would be fun to share a few outfit ideas. Whether you’re a sports family as well or are just here for the looks, these outfits are not only easy and versatile but affordable as well – a win-win!

Cece, Taryn, and Rick gearing up to catch a flight for Cameron's football game.


First things first, I always dress in Cam’s team colors! While I love wearing his team shirt or sweatshirt, I also love to customize my outfits and make them my own. I get most of my customized things from Etsy. From simple t-shirts like these to sequin ones, I love pairing them with joggers and sneakers to keep things sporty. I also got this matching jogger set from Amazon which is under $40 and comes in tons of colors

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shop this look


I love wearing jumpsuits. For some reason, they always make me feel as though my outfit looks like I put a lot of effort into it when it really was effortless. You can pair a jumpsuit with a cardigan or jacket for the colder games or wear the jumpsuit by itself for warm games. Either way, you go, jumpsuits are perfect for the season.

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For those super hot days, I love pairing an active skirt with some sneakers. I feel like it looks casual but still cute, and you can always dress it up with some bling – I love these customizable game day necklaces. If that’s not enough sparkle for you, these sequin sneakers are the perfect touch (and you can obviously wear them outsisde of game days).

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My go-to pattern for game day is stripes. I feel as though they are so easy to work with and I always look great in them. However, the real secret is a good pair of denim jeans. You can pair your jeans with any patterned shirt that correlates with your team colors and gives off a casual but stylish look on game day.

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Tennis dresses are my go-to game-day outfit when I want to look sporty and chic. Just like the jumpsuit outfit, whenever I wear a tennis dress, people are always complimenting my outfit. If you need more time to focus on pairing a top and a bottom together, go with the tennis dress options. Trust me, you’ll love it and be super comfortable.

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If you love game day swag as much as I do, I’m sharing a few of my favorite pieces down below! You can customize most of these items with your kid’s team name, colors or number. I say go big or go home, so why not show it?

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