For Cashton’s 4th birthday this year, instead of having a party, we decided to pack up the car and hit the road! Cash is obsessed with “scoops” (construction trucks), and I found the neatest interactive construction park for young children. You can actually drive and operate different construction trucks. It seemed like the perfect place for us to spend his birthday! We live in Dallas, and the park is in Houston, so we decided to take a one-day road trip.

Packing for a trip like this seems easy. I mean, it’s just one day—how much stuff do we really need? Actually, not a lot. I tend to overpack sometimes, but for this trip, I decided to pack just one outfit for each kid. I did pack an extra pair of clothes for my little ones in case they had an accident or got messy. I used packing cubes to save space in their cute weekender bags. The hotel we stayed at had a pool, so I also packed swimsuits for everyone.

This trip was going to be a four-hour drive with my five kids ranging from 22 months to 16 years old. I needed to make sure they were comfortable, fed, and entertained. I stocked up on drinks and snacks and made sure everyone had a comfy blanket and pillow. I also got them magnetic puzzles, doodle pads, and other fun entertainment to keep them busy!

Remembering everything to pack can be a lot, so I put together this ultimate packing list that you can download for FREE! It has everything from clothing essentials to car essentials, and you can check them off the list once they are packed up!

Click Here for the Printable Packing List

I hope this list helps you stay organized and not forget anything! Let me know in the comments where you are headed for your road trip!