Travel Essentials for Babies

Travel Essentials for Babies featured by top US life and style blog, Glamorous Versatility

Getting items for your baby and/or toddler for your home is great.  But let’s get real, motherhood can expand way outside the 4 walls of your home.  Since Cyrus has been with us, he has been traveling a lot.  We have been constantly on the go doing various getaways, from road trips to flying across the country.  Initially when I traveled with Cameron I wasn’t prepared and was having a list of would, coulda, shouldas on what I wish I had purchased.

Over the years whilst traveling with kiddos, I have learned of some baby/toddler travel essentials you need to make traveling with a baby successful. We will be heading on our next trip with the family, and definitely wanted to share some of the items that help make traveling easier.

I have incorporated quite a bit of travel essentials for the kids.  My top item is our double stroller Zoe Stroller, it has been great as Cyrus has transitioned into a toddler.  It’s a travel system that isn’t as bulky as others.

Travel Essentials for Babies featured by top US life and style blog, Glamorous Versatility

Top Traveling Essentials for a Baby

Baby Carrier

This is such a necessity to allow you to keep moving and be hands free.  Between carrying bags or holding another child’s hand.  Plus Cyrus found the baby carrier very soothing.

Airports naturally have tons of germs, but at the same time no baby wants to be cooped up in a stroller or carrier all day.  I always keep a baby mat in my bag, this can go on the floor anywhere and allows your little one to stretch out and have a break from being confined.

Pack N Play

These are great when you are staying at a family member’s home.  Or even if you have a family member watching your little.  I wouldn’t necessarily bring this along for a plane ride but, I have brought it when we are on a road trip and have the space to bring it.  Even folded up, it can be a bit bulky.


Travel High Chair

Getting a high chair while you are waiting for your plane is not always feasible.  Or not all family members that you visit have kids so it is important to get an easy-to-maneuver high chair/booster seat.

Travel Food Solutions –

When your baby is hungry it doesn’t matter where you are, that demand makes you stop immediately.  Whether you need to quickly make a bottle or have to easily throw on a nursing cover.  Feeding while traveling MUST be easy.


Whether you prefer a lightweight stroller or a full travel system SOME type of stroller is definitely a necessity.

Diaper Bag

I practically carry my entire life in a diaper bag, being a mom of 3. I typically prefer diaper bags that I can wear over the shoulder and that converts to a backpack as well.

Other Baby Gear

Traveling can get long. so you need something that will keep babies entertained. Activity gyms are also great when you want a play option in a hotel room.

Additional Travel Essentials –

I also keep all my travel meds for the kids, change of clothes in my diaper bag.  And don’t even get me started on snacks!  It’s important to have all the snacks they could ever need!

Travel Essentials for Babies featured by top US life and style blog, Glamorous Versatility

I am not going to say that traveling with babies is easy! You have to be mentally prepared and remember you WILL have a temper tantrum,  that blow out will probably happen at the most inconvenient time.

But as long as you are stocked up and prepared with your travel essentials, you got this!

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