Shopping on a budget can be difficult, but you never want to go in debt or put yourself in a tight spot because you went shopping.  I have always been a shopper, and because of that I also had to learn some self-control.  Just because I may see something I really like doesn’t mean that I have buy it. For my household’s financial success it was critical I do my part and know when to pass up on clothing.
While I love giving women tips of new items to add to your wardrobe, my goal more than that is to help you learn how to be financially successful and still be stylish. Yes I am sure you are thinking well don’t just shop, but thats not me. I like to shop so it is important I found ways to have smart shopping habits.
Today I wanted to share a few ways that I stay on budget but still have a great wardrobe.  These are simple and easy tasks you can implement.
1. Shop at budget friendly stores – An easy way to ensure you aren’t breaking the bank is to lower the price point of the store you are shopping at.  If I am on a tight budget I avoid shopping at stores I know have pricier clothing.  I bought this romper for only $16! And it doesn’t feel cheap, and is completely something I can wear multiple times. I do always say just remember that if you buy at these stores do keep in mind of what may come from that price point.  You may not have the top for years, but will still be able to get some wear out of each.  Some of my favorite stores to shop on a budget are Target (of course), Boohoo, Asos (be careful sometimes it can get pricey), Rent the Runway, Old navy for casual wear, Shein, and H&M.
2. Move those sale emails to a folder – Do you wake up tempted every day because you are getting sale alerts pop up on your email?  Every morning I used to kick off my morning by browsing the daily sales.  Of course that meant I was also probably purchasing some of these deals.  Then I thought why even be tempted daily?  I know have the bulk of my promotional emails going to a particular email folder that I only see when I CHOOSE.  Yes I know I can easily go to the inbox, but for me it’s out of sight out of mind.  Almost all emails have a way that you can set particular emails to go straight to a fold you designate. I wasn’t mentally ready to completely unsubscribe haha, but if you don’t want any temptation definitely unsubscribe.
3. Filtering is your best friend – I almost always sort low to high OR put a minimum or maximum in my price filters! You set the price for the absolute highest you are willing to pay.  This way you are only seeing items that are within your budget. 
4. Prioritize your items – If you are like me then when you are online shopping you probably add tons to your shopping cart.  Well I don’t just select purchase with a cart full of items.  I then go through the entire cart and assess how much wear I will get from each item.  I rank my items from must haves to I like but won’t really wear much.  Then I make my cut off maybe 2-3 items and only purchase the top items.
5. Avoid paying full price – I am sale shopper, a coupon code finder, and I rarely pay full price for anything. I am that person that will add myself on an email subscribe list just to get the new email discount. I am not ashamed to say that haha! So if I am paying full price for something that means I am in love with the item and will be able to get a ton a wear.  If you can hold off buying items until they are on sale, because it will go on sale.  Definitely wait until you are close to a holiday because almost every store has storewide sales. I bought my heels on sale for only $49 on sale!
6. Add pieces that you can wear different ways – Grab a blazer you can wear with jeans or a skirt.  It’s important to buy pieces that you know you can wear multiple times.  This is ultimately the way to save money. 
7. Find different hobbies – Part of when I used to shop was because it was enjoyable and took up some time.  If this is you find other ways to spend your time without it $$$ having to be spent.
It’s important to set a monthly spending budget of how much you can shop.  If you lock that in before you don’t have to wonder will this shopping trip break the bank.  Make sure every month you are establishing a budget that will help you grow your financial wealth.
What are some tips you do to help stay in budget for shopping?

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