Many years ago, I started doing one simple thing that has greatly improved our kids’ packing organization for traveling! I was tired of spending hours planning, organizing, and neatly laying all our kids’ clothes in suitcases, only for them to get jumbled and disorganized within a day into our trip. Clothes would get lost, one kid would wear another kid’s clothes, or they’d accidentally wear a pajama shirt out. I knew there had to be a simpler and better way to keep everything organized.

I had used packing cubes in the past, but one day I thought to myself, “What if I get multiple color packing cubes and assign each kid their own color?” As soon as I had that thought, I knew I had to order multiple colored packing cubes right away. Let me tell you, this was the best decision I have ever made! It has transformed our packing system to maximum efficiency.

With five kids, I need five different colored packing cubes. Before each trip, I remind my kids which packing cube color is theirs. They know that their clothes will only be in their assigned color cube, and this has made it easier for both them and me.

I like to categorize each cube by outfits, underwear/socks, and swimwear (if we are going on a beach vacation). Typically, I have two of my kids share one suitcase. Having these packing cubes has maximized the space within the suitcases, and all of their things fit seamlessly.

This year, I tried something new and got us shoe packing cubes. I was able to fit three pairs of shoes into each cube, maximizing even more space in the suitcase!

Once we arrive at our destination, we pull out the cubes, put them into the drawers, and live out of them! When the clothes gets dirty, we throw them in the dirty laundry travel bags, and everything stays separated and organized. If there are any clean clothes left over by the end of the trip, we just zip the cubes back up and place them in the suitcase. I have used this system for many trips now, and I will never go back. It has made packing and traveling so much easier!

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I hope that by sharing this simple packing hack, it can help you too! Let me know in the comments if you try this and what your experience was like. Also, if you have any other neat packing hacks you’d like to share, I would love to hear them!