Holiday Community Giving 2020

Community Giving by popular Dallas lifestyle blog, Glamorous Versatility: {Pinterest image of Taryn Newton's Community Giving.

One thing that was really important to me is to be more than just sharing pictures of myself and family.  I want to really make an impact to the members in my community.  I know 2020 was hard for many families this year.  With that, I wanted to do a holiday Community Giving for families that need it the most.  I will be sharing a variety of families and their story.

If you find it in your heart, please review their Amazon Wishlist and fulfill any items that you feel led to.  I will continue to add families.  However, with this being my first time I wanted to start with only 1 family to ensure all their needs are met.  I will continue to add in hopes that we can fulfill and bless them.

Once the item is purchased, it disappears off the list so you won’t see what’s already been purchased!

Holiday Community Giving


Community Giving by popular Dallas lifestyle blog, Glamorous Versatility: image of a family standing with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The Chaffin Family

Meet the Chaffin Family. They have 4 daughter together ranging from 2-9 years old. On November 15th of this year, the family woke up to a house fire. The family was fortunately able to get out safely which is a blessing.  However, the family did lose everything in the fire. From sentimental items to important family keepsakes.  Unfortunately, the family does not have home insurance that will cover the items they need in order to refurnish their home. Great news they did find a home, and are in need of our support to help them get items for their home.

Amazon Wish List for the Chaffin Family


Community Giving by popular Dallas lifestyle blog, Glamorous Versatility: image of a mom sitting with her two kids.

The Collette Family

This is Kelsey, Kelsey has 2 children and a sweet granddaughter, and live in Washington state.  In 2019 after becoming weak and not feeling like herself.  At that point Kelsey went from doctor to doctor and had blood transfusions, tests, and iron infusions. She finally got an appointment at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and found out she had Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma which is a blood cancer that can go into remission, but it is a life-long cancer. Kelsey has gone through 2 hip replacements since 2019, had internal bleeding that drained her iron and makes her weak and fatigued. Kelsey also just found out she has Vasculitis making it hard for her to breathe even by walking a few feet.
Kelsey has not been able to physically go to work since April 2020.  With Kelsey’s recent hardship with being able to pay her bills, it makes it nearly impossible to even think about providing gifts for her family.  Along with purchasing home essentials.  It’s been a very rough time for Kelsey and her loved ones.  Kelsey has since went through chemotherapy and this is the last image she felt comfortable to share.

Amazon Wish List Fulfilled!

Have you been a part of holiday community giving before?  Let me know in a comment below!

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