We are in Disney! YAY! We got here Wednesday, and thus far the trip has been amazing. Legs and feet are a bit sore, but is it really a trip to Disney if you don’t have body aches after 12 hour days in the park? I plan to do a full recap of the entire trip once we come back as I know many of you are wanting to plan a trip. Don’t worry I got you covered. In the mean time I wanted to share EVERYTHING I brought and have have been using. Hopefully the will help you start building your lists of what to bring to Disney.

Before I dive into my items I have brought, I wanted to share a FREE DISNEY PACKING LIST. You can print this off and use it as a guide to help you not miss anything for your next trip to Disney World.


Our stroller that has been the most used item hands down is our double stroller! We have the Zoe Double Stroller

Zoe Double Stroller – Coupon Code: TARYN+ZOE

This is also the first time that we have brought our own travel crib, and so far we have been loving it. Cashton sleeps so well in this travel crib that we thought it would be worth taking. We checked it when we dropped our other bags. It comes in a slim case. Rick said verbatim “whatever this crib is it is the easiest to put together”. You can use the Pack n play the resort offered, but we opted to bring our own this time.

Baby B’Jorn Travel Crib

Disney Essentials:

Mickey Mouse Pin Trading Set

Coco Pin Trading Set

Mickey Mouse Pin Trading Booster Set

24 ounce Black Tumbler

24 ounce Marble Tumbler

22 ounce Red Water Bottle

14 ounce Blue Water Bottle

Cooling Towels

Foot Glide

Body Glide

iPhone Headphone Jack

Portable Apple Watch Charger

Portable Phone Charger

Portable Phone Charge – Another Option

Stabilizer for iPhone

Neck Fan

Misting Fan

Reusable Silicone Straws

What We’ve Wearing:


Hanna Andersson Pajamas

Boys Mickey Tank

Toy Story Pajamas

Mickey Mouse Pajamas

Mickey Mouse Knit Dress

Mickey Mouse T-shirt

Mickey Mouse Baseball Shirt

Mickey T-Shirt

Boys Jungle Book Pajama Set

Mickey Mouse Pajama Set

2pc Mickey Infant Set

Jungle Book Pajama Set

Boys Toy Story Rain Coat

2 pack Mickey Toddler Shirts

2pc Infant Jersey Set

2pc Toddler Jersey Set

Black Cotton Shorts

Adult Black Cotton Shorts

Disney Etsy Purchases:

Star Wars BB8 T-Shirt

Baby Jedi T-Shirt

Animal Kingdom T-Shirt

Lock Up Your Princess Raglan

Matching Disney Shirts for the Family

Star Wars Disney Galaxy T-Shirt

Leopard Disney T-Shirt

Womens Disney Castle Tank

Kids Animal Kingdom T-Shirt

Mamalorian T-Shirt

Star Wars T-Shirt

Star Wars Matching Family T-Shirts – Grabbed These For My Sister


Kids Checkerboard Vans

Kids Ward Vans

Toddler Checkerboard Vans

Men’s Ward Lo Suede Vans

Adult Custom Vans

Women’s Checkerboard Vans

Disney Accessories:

Mickey Mouse Backpack

Kids Mickey Mouse Backpack

Minnie Mouse Sequined Ears

Pixar Ball Ear Headband

Leopard Animal Kingdom Ears

Kids Mickey Mouse Ears

Sorcerer Mickey Mouse Ears

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Earrings

Minnie Mouse Pisa Bracelet

Mickey Mouse Pisa Bracelet

Mickey Initial Pisa Bracelet

Say Cheers Earrings

3D Disney Face Masks

Black Mickey Mouse Face Mask

Mickey Mouse Contoured Face Mask 

Kids Disney Face Masks

Womens Mickey Mouse Face Mask

DAD Mickey Mouse Baseball Cap

Mickey Cap

Kids Mickey Baseball Cap

Amazon Essentials

Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes – Another Option

Packing Cubes – Another Option

Travel Neck Pillow

Travel Blanket

Tray Covers

Phone Mount

Foldable Potty Seat

Disposable Placemats

Reusable Silicone Straws

First Aid Kit

Traveling With a Baby Amazon Essentials:

Monkey Snack Container

Bottle warmer

Infant Sensory Toy

Disposable Bibs

Diaper Bag Dispenser

Secure-a-Toy Straps

Formula Dispenser

Pacifier Holder

Baby Stroller Clips

Portable Stroller Fan

Portable Stroller Fan – Another Option

My goal is to help you all in the process of preparing for the next time you plan to go to Disney. I will do a full review of this trip once we get back. If you have been watching our IG stories what has been your favorite part of our trip so far?