I seriously cannot believe April has come and gone….I can’t even keep up.  I wanted to start a new topic on my monthly blog.  I will be doing monthly FAVORITES.  This will be my favorites in every category. April was really a blur, between doing some traveling, both kids being involved in sports we barely had a chance to even sit down. Oh and we had a horrible storm hit that created tons of damage to 1 car and our home, so I am looking forward to getting one month closer to the end of tornado season!

I will round up all my favorites each month!

FAVORITE MOM ITEM:  As you know I am breastfeeding and work full-time.  My Medela Pump In Style has been through 2 kids worth of pumping, and it hasn’t failed me yet.  I have taken it with me on 2 different jobs and pump 2-3 times each work day.  I have not been disappointed!  When I was at work the other day I had an expectant mother ask me what pump I recommended.  Once I started sharing the benefits, I realized how durable and reliable my pump has been. Some highlights is it’s lightweight to carry in/out of work, includes a cooler to keep your milk cool, and seriously lasts years.

FAVORITE STYLE ITEM:  My romper has been new addition to my wardrobe this month, thanks to Lauren James.  Not only, was this my new style favorite, but will likely be on repeat this Spring/Summer. It is very flattering, and fun if you have any upcoming vacations or night on the town.  I chose to style this by dressing it up, but would also look cute with some cute flat sandals. When I put it on I always thought to myself, is this mama finally starting to get her body back?! FINALLY!



FAVORITE BEAUTY ITEM: I can’t say I am a serious beauty insider, but I have really been striving to be more conscience about what I put on my skin.  I am in the process of swapping out my makeup and skincare products to ensure it works the best for my skin.  I changed my foundation to the Nars Natural Radiant Longwear foundation, I absolutely love this foundation.  Previously I used to wear Mac Matchmaster foundation, and now I can’t believe I ever wore anything else.  It is a full coverage foundation, goes on really easily.  What I love is how it photographs and the smooth finish.

FAVORITE HOME ITEM:  We are in the process of completing the decoration of our home.  (yes it’s been a year).  This month I started to reevaluate my existing home decor, and I really wasn’t loving all of my decor.  With that,  I convinced my husband that we had to make some changes to the decor.

I knew right away the items I wanted to swap out.  We have side chairs in our living room, and to be honest I went solely on price.  Needless to say I didn’t love them.  I sold them, and got some new chairs on Wayfair. They are perfectly oversized Navy chairs that will make the perfect addition in our living room to compliment our sectional.

FAVORITE MEMORY: Cyrus has been a rollie-pollie this month, and definitely a favorite.  Let me just say that Cy had some health issues, and he is our little peanut.  With that we weren’t sure if his size would delay him hitting some milestones.  He may be tiny but very mighty! Cyrus has been rolling none stop, and just a joy to see on so many levels.

Oh and we started feeding Cyrus baby food this month! Whenever we hit new milestones I always kinda get sad. With this being our 3rd child, it’s like the last first time of everything.  Bittersweet!  So far Cyrus loves EVERYTHING we give him.  He is the tiniest little chunky baby I have every met!

FAVORITE BOOK:  I have really challenged myself to start reading more.  Not only for my own personal benefit, but I can’t expect my kids to want to read if they don’t see their parents doing it.  With that, I joined a book club! Does that make me a grandma?! haha! Either way it was great, we read American Marriage.  It really draws you in and makes you mad/sad at the same time.  It was a fun read and the plot made it fun to discuss in a book club.  I will say that while I did enjoy the book, I didn’t love the ending.  I don’t want to give any spoilers, so I will just say READ IT!

ORGANIZATION TIP OF THE MONTH: Every month I have some form of chaos, its the nature of having 3 kids and working full-time.  However, I am always trying to find ways to get more organized in my house and/or life.  This month I realized sometimes the best way to organize is to let things go.  My closet just seemed like even after I cleaned it I just could not get it clean.  So I purged it.  I went through Rick’s and my closet, and donated a ton of items.  Additionally, I put a bunch of items on Poshmark.  Back in the day I used to sell my items in Ebay, and now my go to buy/selling platform is Poshmark.  Easy to sell, ship, and get your earnings in a timely fashion.  My tip of the month is if you have clothes that are piling up, it may be time to purge your closet.

FAVORITE INSTAGRAM POST:  Naturally it’s this one because it features this little happy guy!

FAVORITE RECIPE:  As you know I have been doing the Keto diet.  It’s really more of a much needed lifestyle change.  I have been loving it so far.  I have been using Simply Keto as a daily resource for tip and recipes.  My favorite new recipe we tried this month was the bacon wrapped chicken.  We paired it with broccoli.

Its pretty simply you get a pack of chicken breast, coat it with honey mustard, top with cheese, and then wrap the bacon around each breast.  The recipe also called for mushrooms on each chicken breast, but we are anti-mushrooms over here!

What I’m looking forward to this month:
– I will be heading to Michigan again to support my oldest sister’s book launch! I still can’t believe she has published TWO books!  Of course we are making the trip back up to Michigan to support her!
– Cameron is out of school later this month! No more school routine, 4th grade has been a tough year.  I am looking forward to us ALL getting a break.
– I will be tackling organization the our Pantry and Linen closets.  They are in desperate need of help! Can’t wait to knock this project off.
– We will be doing some entertaining for Memorial day, it is always fun to have people over and extra time off work!
– Cyrus’s nursery reveal will be up on the blog mid-May.  Can’t wait to share his room with everyone!

What have you enjoyed the most about April!?